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Antigone is currently at the forefront of the French techno scene. This Parisian producer has spent a decade honing his craft and has caught the ears of some of the biggest names in the industry along the way. Now with his first full-length album out in the world, there’s no telling where he will go next.

The artist known as Antigone was born Antonin Jeanson in France. When he was young, his godmother introduced him to the world of dance music. Soon after, he developed an insatiable appetite for the genre and record collecting some of its finest treasures. He had an immediate love for minimal house but eventually started gravitating toward hard-hitting techno. A DJ first and foremost, he caught the ear of fellow French techno lover Zadig. Jeanson became a protege of sorts for Zadig. It would eventually be Zadig’s label Construct Re-form that released Antigone’s debut single “Forbidden Works” in 2011.

“Forbidden Works” was a smashing debut for Antigone, named for the tragically fated daughter of Grecian king Oedipus. His following EPs (Antigone, not King Oedipus) were praised by techno lovers and aficionados worldwide for their balance of grit and melody. This would become a signature for Antigone: tough, melodic techno with just a touch of melancholy. Eventually, he would secure a residency at Concrete Paris, the techno lovers club of choice located on a three-story boat docked in the Seine. There, on the Parisian waters, he continuously captivated audiences and earned himself a solid reputation amongst his peers.

In 2015 he signed with the Belgian label Token. His highly acclaimed “Cantor Dust” EP followed soon after, and eventually, so did his debut album Rising. The album showcased his versatility, taking moments of lush ambient and immersive soundscapes amidst driving beats. Since then, he’s been tapped for albums and compilations by techno greats like Nina Kraviz and Amelie Lens.

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