Introducing Housekeys, our new exclusive membership program. Backed by Web3 technology, this membership paves the way for an unprecedented level of transparency that empowers the Gray Area community to weigh in on critical decisions and allows us to reward members with IRL and digital perks of real value.

Membership is determined through our new Housekey NFT tokens, with an initial mint of the first 100 tokens starting on Thursday, July 27 at 6 PM UTC.

Gray Area members will be able to associate their Web3 wallets with their accounts, allowing valid Keyholders access to the Housekeys Portal – which will facilitate all membership benefits.

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Frequently asked questions

The three core pillars that the Housekeys program aims to deliver on are:

  • Provide an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability from Gray Area to its members
  • Provide meaningful opportunites to engage its members and empower them to give feedback and weigh in on critical decisions
  • The ability to reward its members with IRL and digital perks of real value.

Through our global partnerships with industry-leading producers of house music shows and festivals, and our own events and live experiences, Gray Area can offer tangible and hefty perks to its Keyholders.

Imagine more immersive experiences, meet and greets with your favorite artists, complimentary tickets and VIP upgrades, skipping lines at shows and festivals, invitations to exclusive members-only shows and meet-ups, and lots more. That’s what being a Keyholder is all about.

You can read the full announcement to learn more about our motivation and vision.

To become a member of the Housekeys program, you simply need to acquire a Housekey and link it to your Gray Area account following the reveal. This will enable you to access the exclusive membership portal, which will serve as the hub for your benefits.

A Housekey is an NFT token that represents membership in the Housekeys program. Gray Area Inner-Circle members who hold a Housekey are considered Keyholders and, therefore, eligible to participate in the program benefits – including transparency, opportunities to provide critical input and direction, as well as exclusive access to deep and meaningful rewards and experiences, both digital and IRL.

Keyholders are people who believe in uniting with dancers around the world through a shared love for house music and its community.

Becoming a Keyholder is your way to directly contribute to expanding and deepening our ecosystem of house music culture that we create together – and enjoy the exclusive perks that come along with it!

Please note, all freshly minted Housekeys will feature placeholder artwork, and the type of key you have will be secret until after the mint completes and the token reveal takes place.

Firstly, each Housekey features unique artwork – meaning no two Housekeys are the same! Otherwise, they wouldn’t be very good keys, would they?

Importantly, they also come in four different general “types” of key, with varying rarities. Going from most common to most rare, the four different Housekey types are –

  • Neon
  • Triangle
  • Silver
  • Golden

The type of key you hold will correspond to certain perks/rewards you can claim, meaning Keyholders with rarer keys will have access to more benefits – though rest assured, all Keyholders will get phenomenal IRL perks and value.

Aside from rewards and perks, all Keyholders will have equal opportunities to contribute their input on matters such as talent curation and project direction.

While being the most common key type, Neon keys are special in that they come in one of five different colors! The colors are purely aesthetic, however, and don’t affect any benefits or rights.

You can acquire a Housekey by minting a Housekey NFT! Our initial mint is limited to 100 tokens, which we expect to go fast – minting opens on Thursday, July 27 at 6 PM UTC. Be sure to join the waiting list if you haven’t already – this will ensure that you lock in your place in line for future mints.

Minting a Housekey is very simple, even for those who have no experience with NFTs or Web3 – it’s as quick and easy as buying a festival pass! You’ll have the option to use a credit card or Ethereum to pay for the token(s), and if you don’t want to set up a crypto wallet you can use a Paper Wallet, which only requires an email address.

  1. Head to the minting page here, and click Get Your Housekey
  2. Connect your wallet (read more about wallets here)
  3. Fill out your name and email address to accept our Privacy Policy
  4. Quick note

    We realize that collecting your personal information may go against the decentralized and anonymous vision of Web3 – but the Housekeys program is at heart about real life connection, it's all about the music after all! For us to deliver the value we’re promising, we need to know who you are and how to reach you.

  5. You will then be able to select how many tokens you would like to mint, and have the option to proceed using either a credit card or Ethereum for payment –
    • If using a credit card, enter your email address again (for your receipt) and select Confirm to proceed with the transaction
    • If using a crypto wallet loaded with Ethereum, select Click Here to Pay With ETH at the bottom of the interface to proceed with the transaction – make sure to accept the transaction in the wallet pop-up.
  6. You will see a loading screen while your NFT is being minted. Once complete, you’ll see your new token(s) on the following screen! Please keep in mind that your actual Housekey art and traits will be secret until the reveal.

It costs 0.16 Ξ ETH (or roughly $300) to mint a Housekey – you can pay using either a credit card or Ethereum (via your crypto wallet).

A crypto wallet is a digital tool that lets you securely store and handle your unique digital items, known as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Think of it as a special digital vault for your unique digital assets.

For the mint, you have the option of setting up and/or connecting a crypto wallet (e.g. MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow) or using Paper Wallet – which is an email-based custodial wallet solution that enables you to create a crypto wallet simply using your email address.

If you don’t already have a wallet, you’ll have two options when you head to the mint page and click Get Your Housekey

  1. You can set up a new crypto wallet by click Get a Wallet, picking a provider (we recommend MetaMask) and installing either the mobile app or a browser extension. Once you create your wallet, make sure that you keep your seed phrase (or SRP – ”secret recovery phrase”) secure and accessible – you’ll need it to access your wallet in the future. You can find more information on setting up wallets for the different providers below:

  2. Alternatively, you can simply select Paper on the left to use a Paper Wallet, which simply requires you to enter your email address and verify the code that is sent to it thereafter. You can read more about Paper Wallets and what makes them different from normal crypto wallets here.

Paper Wallet is an email-based self-custody wallet solution that helps people create a crypto wallet without the friction of having to secure and store a seed phrase at the time of purchase. It is considered a self-custody solution because you’ll always have access to retrieve the seed phrase (as long as you have access to your email), but the default mechanism is to have the seed phrase protected behind email authentication.

Paper Wallets are a great option for those simply interested in minting a Housekey token without setting up a crypto wallet, as it makes the process incredibly simple.

Quick note

If you want to transfer your NFTs to another wallet (or sell it on a 3rd party marketplace like OpenSea), you will first need to retrieve your private key from Paper Wallet and then import it into a Web3 wallet like MetaMask. It’s not a huge deal, though, as this process is easy and secure!

  1. When you sign up for a Paper Wallet you are sent an email with the subject line "Your recovery code to Cake App" that has a retrieval code. This code is essential to retrieving your private key.
  2. Visit this link and log in with your email address
  3. Once you log in, you'll be asked to enter a 6-digit 2FA code sent to you in order to verify that you own the email address.
  4. On the next screen, you will be presented with the wallet address for which you'd like to reveal the private key. To continue please carefully review the risks associated with taking control of your private key, and consent if you would like to continue.
  5. Once revealed, be sure to copy the private key and store it somewhere safe.
  6. Quick note

    It is critical that you safeguard your private key with great care. Ideally, write it down on a piece of paper and ensure that it is kept in a secure but accessible location, you don't want to lose it! Do not share it with any website, server, or person – except when importing into a trusted Web3 wallet.

  7. You will now be able to use your crypto wallet of choice to import your account by entering the private key. Once imported, you will have full control of your wallet and will be able to connect it to all dApps across the crypto space.

To make sure everyone has an equally fair shot at getting some of the rarer Housekeys, you won’t be able to know what type of Housekey(s) you hold until after the minting of this initial release of 100 tokens is complete. Once all tokens have been minted, we’ll announce a reveal date and time – during which your tokens will be updated with their type and unique artwork.

Immediately following the reveal, you’ll be able to start utilizing the benefits your Housekeys bestow by linking your wallet with your Gray Area account thereby granting you access to the Housekeys Portal on our website.

We have integrated the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF)service into our smart contract to ensure fairness in the minting reveal. This technology provides a tamper-proof and auditable source of randomness, ensuring an equitable distribution of NFT rarities.

Yes, absolutely – we are planning future mints, and generally hope to engage more of our Gray Area community in the Housekeys program as it matures. Future mints will likely be restricted to those on the waiting list, so be sure to join the waiting list if you haven’t already to lock in your place in line.

There is currently a known issue with MetaMask on mobile devices. To use MetaMask on mobile, please follow these steps:

  1. Copy the mint page address
  2. Open your MetaMask mobile app
  3. Click on the browser tab icon on the bottom navigation in the MetaMask app
  4. Paste in the mint page URL
  5. You should now be able to connect your wallet and proceed to mint!

If you have any questions, or are having trouble with anything related to the Housekeys program, NFTs, the minting process, etc. please reach out to our dedicated support email via

Join the waiting list

Please make sure to double-check that you enter the correct wallet address

We care about the protection of your data. By joining the waiting list you will also become a Gray Area member, and indicate agreement with our Privacy Policy.

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