Inner-Circle Golden Ticket NFT

Gray Area has a clear and ambitious roadmap to transform our community into a truly decentralized house music collective.

Empowered by emerging technologies and democratization paradigms, we seek to put community front and center, and TOGETHER AS A COMMUNITY build a global house music culture staple engaged in producing house music events and festivals; releasing new music we love as a record label; informing and educating house music fans old and new as an editorial powerhouse, music, event, travel and adventure discovery platform; building a future in the Metaverse together, and so much more.

The future is here and ready to seize – and we’d like to do it with our friends, as partners.

As a key first step, we’d like to put the Inner-Circle on the blockchain and are launching an exclusive Golden Ticket NFT collection, which will serve as your digital identity and proof of membership, and unlock access to your Inner-Circle membership perks. The NFT will be constantly evolving with new utility and benefits over time.

We will start with a limited release of 80 Golden Tickets, in honor of the 1980s – a decade that saw the genesis of house music as we know it. The NFTs will be distributed by means of a waiting list, where factors like attendance of Gray Area events and community engagement will move you up in line. If selected, your Golden Ticket will be sent to your wallet at no cost to you.

We fully expect the waiting list to grow quite large, well beyond the 80 NFTs comprising the first release – be assured that we will work to expand the collection quickly to welcome more of you as soon as possible. As the Golden Ticket NFT represents your Inner-Circle membership, we want to make sure that each and every one of you is able to access your NFT in the very near future, so secure your spot on the waiting list by signing up below as soon as possible.

Join the Waiting List

Please make sure to double-check that you enter the correct wallet address, as this is where your Golden Ticket NFT will be sent to.

We care about the protection of your data. By joining the waiting list you will also become a Gray Area member, and indicate agreement with our Privacy Policy.