11 House Heaters from Matroda's Terminal Underground

Oct 12, 2022

Victoria Silva

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In 2020 Croatian producer and house music superstar Matroda announced the launch of his very own record label, Terminal Underground. Already widely known for a sound on the cusp of funky tech house and bottom heavy bass house, the label served as a platform for him to guide the direction of house music culture from his ears to yours.

He shared in a Facebook post, “I started TERMINAL UNDERGROUND as a label/collective/platform where I will help promote fresh new music. I promise I will listen to every demo personally but will only release a few singles per year at first,” and even included a link for demo submissions.

The label has become a sounding board for fresh talent and innovative music. He helped launch the career of fellow Croatian artist San Pacho and has pushed chart-topping releases of his own as well as rising house stars like Bleu Claire, Guzz, SUBSHIFT, Peace maker!, and Cave Studio.

1. Matroda - Jack the House (2020)

“Jack The House” was the debut single for the highly anticipated launch of Terminal Underground. Bass-heavy beats anchor a track layered with the perfect amount of laser beams. The energy-packed track was the ideal way to kick things off.

2. Honey & Badger - Wallifornia (2020)

Belgian DJ and producer Honey & Badger has fostered attention from some of electronic music’s biggest names. This release on Terminal Underground was just another accolade to add to his growing resume. With support from artists like Tchami, Malaa, and Martin Garrix, Honey & Badger’s bass-heavy house music has already been making the rounds since 2018. “Wallifornia” proves to be a certified club banger with its rap vocals and bouncy rhythm.

3. San Pacho, House Divided - Workaholic (2020)

Matroda isn’t the only Croatian producer making waves in the house music scene. Fellow Croatian producer San Pacho has been on the rise for some time now, receiving approval from the likes of Skrillex, Tchami, and Jauz. “Workaholic” comes in collaboration with Los Angeles-based DJ duo House Divided. The track is an homage to those who work hard to play hard.

4. Donkong, MITTONE - LOVE (2021)

“LOVE” is a collaboration between German duo Donkong and rising house star MITTONE. The vocals on the track give it an extra edge with the question we all ask ourselves, “what is love?”

5. Sliipow - Flashion (2021)

Sliipow is an Indonesian producer who mainly focuses on bass music but occasionally dabbles in house and drum & bass. The track “Flashion” puts him squarely in the running as a house music up-and-comer if he chooses to continue in that direction.

6. OOTORO - Def Jam (2021)

Joining Sliipow on the label, fellow Indonesian producer OOTORO has fostered a global audience with his fusion of heavy bass house and disco-tinged tech house. “Def Jam” is the type of track that can get any crowd movin’ and groovin’.

7. Eauki - Narcotica (2021)

Eauki, pronounced oh-ki, is a Dutch producer who should be on your radar if he isn’t already. “Narcotica” has some seriously futuristic vibes that will make listeners feel like they’re partying on a spaceship.

8. Elternhouse - Memories (2021)

Elternhouse is a duo made up of brothers Marius and Mika. They started their musical journey in 2015 in their parent’s basement, which they turned into a small studio. The track “Memories” features some ethereal vocals juxtaposed with a heavy bassline giving it an upbeat yet dreamlike vibe.

9. Devarra, Jargen - Coming Back (2022)

Indonesian artist Devarra is a certified dance music veteran with two decades of experience behind the decks. He teamed with Jargen, a stand-out producer from the next generation, on “Coming Back.”

The soulful house track with a groovy bassline leading up to an intense second drop will surely get the whole room bouncing.

10. Roxe - Sounds Good (2022)

“Sounds Good” is a unique take on tech house with Roxe’s masterful inclusion of a super groovy guitar riff and female vocals that sound like they were pulled from the cutting room floor of a recording session.

11. SUBSHIFT - Club 95 (2022)

SUBSHIFT is a tech house DJ/producer hailing from the UK. He has a unique sound signed off on by Chris Lorenzo, ACRAZE, Wax Motif, and more. The producer has seen releases on Insomniac Records, Hood Politics, and Wax Motif’s Divided Souls. “Club 95” is the perfect name for this track which incorporates soulful vocal samples and takes the listener on a journey back to the storied dancefloors of the 90s club scene.

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