5 Nakadia Tracks You Should Know

Dec 15, 2022

Lauryn Njeri

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Born in Thailand but currently based in Berlin, Nakadia's blazing techno tracks have dropped on noteworthy labels like Filth on Acid, KD Music, and Bedrock. Nakadia takes pride in having escaped a life of deprivation after being born in a small Thai town without power or running water. Half a lifetime later, she is a renowned headlining DJ who has played over 1,200 gigs in 60 countries to date.

In 2002, Nakadia accepted an invitation to Germany, where she became aware of her innate DJing skills and discovered a newfound love for techno. She dedicated her heart and soul to overcoming hardships and becoming the globally respected icon she is today. She is now a fixed name in Ibiza, often headlining Zoo Project and Unusual Suspects. Beyond her skills as a DJ, her music is a testament to why she is in such high demand, currently playing over 100 international gigs each year.

Nakadia's early releases between 2008 and 2016 gave a glimpse of her promising abilities. And by 2018, she'd truly found her groove. And in early 2019, she released her debut Filth on Acid EP that spent two weeks in Beatport's top 10 techno releases. The EP was a declaration and the beginning of a new phase in Nakadia's career. She released a second EP in 2019 under Carl Cox's Intec imprint, and since, her name has become a fixture on the techno charts.

Here are five tracks by Nakadia that you absolutely must know.

1. Serenity Now

Released on Carl Cox's label Intec, "Serenity Now" sits on the two-track Acid Storm EP. This track focuses on an ominous atmosphere with snare rolls, a rumbling bassline, and sinister melodics cranking up the intensity while a hard-hitting kick drum punches with ferocious thunder.

2. Here We Are

A night out at DC-10 Ibiza dancing to an amazing Jamie Jones set inspired Nakadia to create this invigorating track. Although they have disparate styles, Nakadia was determined to produce a track similar to Jamie Jones. After adding harder drums and rave-ready synths for the signature Nakadia style, "Here we are!"

3. Scream

The distinctive chords, which continue building over the protracted break and peak with the scream, make this song particularly popular. These standout chords were recorded with an original Synclavier, a legendary synthesizer that, back in the 80s, cost as much as a house.

4. Positive Energy

Released on Bulgarian label, Set About, Nakadia brings forth her signature sounds to produce this brilliantly uplifting blend of hard-hitting dark room techno. Bringing together the wealth of production potential, Nakadia delivered nothing short of a masterpiece.

5. Liquid Blue

Nakadia first performed a more melodic version of this song at afterparties and smaller gatherings. She wanted to be able to play this song at all of her events because she thought it was possibly the best song she had ever produced. It had to go harder. She did this by increasing the speed by a few beats per minute and adding a few more forceful noises. The end result became her signature song, which has already wrecked dance floors all over the world.

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