5 of Uncle Waffles' Most Outstanding Live Performances

Oct 6, 2022

Lauryn Njeri

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South African DJ Uncle Waffles has been making waves as a top-tier international DJ, helping propel the amapiano sound to its greatest heights. She has won millions of hearts since the viral video that catapulted her into the international scene, and she keeps bringing her irresistible energy to every location where she performs. Here are five of Uncle Waffles’ most outstanding live performances.

1. Uncles Waffles live at the Mint in Soweto

Uncle Waffles' rise to fame began after this 27-second viral video of her DJing at Mint The Venue in Soweto hit Twitter. Her rise to international recognition is not only thanks to her DJ skills, but also to her smooth dance moves. She charmed the internet with her capacity to captivate a crowd.

2. Uncle Waffles Live in Manchester

When she played live in Manchester, it was evident that Uncle Waffles enjoys amapiano as much as she enjoys performing the genre’s tracks. Experience her exquisite selection as she plays heavy hitters from the likes of Daliwonga, uMlando, Busta 929, and loads more.

3. Uncle Waffles for Boiler Room x Ballantine's True Music Studios: Johannesburg

Uncle Waffles left the crowd begging for more at her electrifying performance in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her undeniable energy permeated the venue as she executed perfect transitions between head-bopping amapiano hits.

4. Uncle Waffles Live at Tshwanefontein

Uncle Waffles' set at Tshwanefontein is a good reminder of why she has been instrumental to the growth of the amapiano genre. Here she showcases tracks from key players in South Africa’s leading genre export including  DJ Maphorisa and Chievosky and Friends as well as some tracks off her debut EP Red Dragon.

5. Uncle Waffles Live at KOKO in London

Uncle Waffles brought the electrifying spirit of amapiano to London during this performance at KOKO. Carrying solid tracks from Deep London, Boohle, Young Stunna, and many others, she mixed some of the biggest South African sounds in a seamless soundscape.

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