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Disco Never Dies: Disco Dom's Sold-Out Inferno Show

Jul 24, 2023

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In a mesmerizing, sold-out performance in New York City, the mysterious disco virtuoso known as Disco Dom, also familiar to many as Dombresky, has ushered in the spirit of the legendary Studio 54. As part of his eagerly awaited Inferno tour, Disco Dom has been taking his audiences on a journey back to the golden age of disco, encapsulating the very essence of the era through immersive, exclusive pop-up events.

This past weekend's performance at the marvelous Superior Ingredients venue truly personified this ethos. With confetti blasters igniting the room, a photo booth capturing the unforgettable moments, and disco balls refracting an array of colors in every corner, the sold-out Gray Area show was nothing short of spectacular.

Bathed in beautiful weather under a retractable sun rooftop, the pulsating beats and flawless vibes transported us to a magical summer night in the disco era. We had the opportunity to sit down with Disco Dom for an exclusive Q&A, delving deeper into the mystique of his character. Continue reading to gain insights into the man behind the disco magic, and the captivating world he's built with his Inferno series.

Photography by HitManJason

Your EP Inferno (No. 1) aims to take listeners straight to the heart of the dancefloor. Can you dive a bit into this idea and what you want fans to feel?

Hey there! Inferno (No. 1) is all about bringing that classic disco vibe back to the forefront and getting people moving on the dancefloor. I want fans to feel the energy, and just let loose, you know? It's about creating that electric atmosphere where everyone becomes part of the rhythm, and the music takes over.

What was the inspiration for the tracks "Be the One” and "Control"? How did you and Yung Bae start work together?

"Be The One" and "Control" both have unique stories behind them. "Be The One" came to life through an exciting collaboration with the talented Yung Bae. We connected through our mutual love for classic soul, disco, and funk records from the ‘70s and ‘80s and decided to team up to create something special. As for "Control," that track was born from my inspiration, I wanted to create a true late-night disco record that's a dancefloor driver.

If you could step into the shoes of any disco-era artist for a night, who would you choose and why?

If I could step into the shoes of any disco-era artist for a night, I'd choose Nile Rodgers himself. He's a true legend, and I'd love to experience what it was like to create those timeless hits and share that magical energy with the world.

You're touring LA, New York, and San Francisco. What should fans look forward to at these shows?

Oh, the upcoming shows in LA, New York, and San Francisco are going to be epic! I don't want to say too much, but every element of these venues will be curated to make you feel like you’re walking into Studio 54. It's going to be an experience like no other – a total disco wonderland!

Have you ever thought about launching Disco Dom merch? What kind of stuff would you want to create?

I've been testing out my new merch line over the last few weeks at Coachella, EDC, and a few other spots. I also did a limited edition drop on my site a few weeks ago. Anyone who goes to these next four Disco Dom shows will get early access to my next drop as well. Everyone else will get access to something special in the next few weeks. Watch out for it.

Your tour venues are supposed to feel like disco wonderlands. Can you tell us how you’re setting the stage and venue up for production?

Yeah, I want the venues to feel like stepping into a time capsule, transporting everyone back to the heyday of disco. We're going all out with retro-inspired decor, mirror balls, photo booths, custom drink menus, custom lighting, etc. I want this to truly have that authentic disco vibe. It's about making the crowd feel like they're in the middle of a disco fever dream!

Who are some '80s artists you'd love to create a track with?

Oh, there are so many '80s artists I'd love to collaborate with! But Prince tops it for me. His style would blend so perfectly with Disco.

What sparked the idea to become Disco Dom? What keeps you motivated for this project?

The idea to become Disco Dom was sparked by my deep love for the disco era and my desire to bring its magic back. What keeps me motivated is seeing the joy and happiness on people's faces when they're grooving to my tunes. It's truly the best feeling ever, and that's what keeps me going in this project.

What are some of the challenges you faced when starting Disco Dom?

When I started Disco Dom, one of the main challenges was finding my unique sound and style within the genre. There's so much history, so many different styles and sounds, and so many amazing artists. It took time to carve out my path and bring my personal touch to the music.

Can you share any personal moments that helped kick off Disco Dom?

There were a couple of personal moments that kickstarted Disco Dom. I remember being at a disco-themed party and seeing how people came alive on the dancefloor. It was such an inspiring sight that I knew I wanted to be a part of creating that magic.

Was there a specific disco track, album, or artist that made you want to start this project?

Oh, there's this iconic disco track that always stands out for me – "Le Freak" by Chic. That song's energy and groove are just unbeatable, and it played a role in pushing me toward starting this project.

What were people's first impressions when you debuted Disco Dom? Did that shape how you moved forward with the project?

When I debuted Disco Dom, people's first impressions were super positive! They really connected with the energy and nostalgia in the music, which encouraged me to push forward and keep building on the project's unique vibe. It was a great motivator!

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