Photo of Disco Dom

Disco Dom



The renowned Disco Dom, an artist who has captivated audiences with his electrifying, '70s-inspired performances at both Coachella and EDC, is preparing to take his unique show nationwide.

By echoing the spirit of Studio 54, this mysterious performer, also known as Dombresky, has been discreetly taking crowds back in time to the golden age of disco via immersive, exclusive pop-up events across the country over the past year. Now, he's poised to introduce his music to the club scene.

His eagerly awaited tour will kick off with the release of "Inferno (No. 1)," the initial installment in a series of Disco Dom Inferno-themed EPs. Be ready to succumb to the enticing charm of Disco Dom as he fires up the dancefloor and disseminates the contagious rhythm of his innovative disco vibes to spectators everywhere.

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