Double Life: Hannes Bieger First Found Success as an Audio Engineer

Jun 27, 2023

John Cameron

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Nowadays, Hannes Bieger is best known for engrossing deep/progressive soundscapes like “A Million Souls” featuring Francesca Lombardo and “Burn Your Love” featuring Juan Henson. But once upon a time, his name was often buried deep in the liner notes of his most successful projects.

On some level, Bieger has been engineering music as long as he’s been making it. “This was was natural progression, I would say,” he tells Miloco Studios. “Even when I learned my first instrument, electric guitar, I was interested in how it sounded just as much as what I played.”

This natural curiosity about sound quality translated into opportunities early on. “I never planned to become a mixing engineer,” Hannes says. “It just happened because people listened to my own productions – and called me because they wanted to find out who engineered them. Well, it was me, and that’s how I got the ball rolling.”

Hannes Bieger moved to Berlin at the turn of the millennium. He ran a studio called Bieger Sound out of the first flat he rented upon relocating. While he admits that it had a “casual ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ atmosphere to it,” he recounts that “the clients seemed to like the vibe.”

Then, when developments finally forced him to find a headquarters, Bieger Sound found a more central location. Designed by Jeong-Hoon Kim and Marc Drewes, it came to include precision hardware like the Speck Electronics LiLo console, the Lavry Gold A/D converter, the Pulse Techniques EQM-1S3, and the Ursa Major Space Station.

His list of clients as an audio engineer is far too long to count. In 2015 alone Bieger counted over 100 projects with artists like Tiefschwarz, Steve Bug, Tale of Us, Alex Niggemann, Andrea Oliva, and DJ Tennis.

Next time you find yourself stunned  with how crisp a Hannes Bieger track sounds, now you know why. With an audio engineering career like his, it is surely no mystery why he’s achieved the success that he has.

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