Gray Area Picks: Where To Catch The Best Sunsets In Ibiza

Feb 28, 2023

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Thousands have gone and there are simply thousands more to go, but can there ever be anything more cherished than an Ibiza sunset?

As the popularity of capturing those horizon hues continues to boom, so too have the collection of stunning locations to view it from, with the best spots of course laying on the West Coast of the island.

Whether you choose to watch it along with the clapping crowds or in a moment of contemplation with friends, here we share some of our favourite sunset vistas to watch the day take its final bow.

Es Vedrà - Cala d’Hort

This number one viewing spot reigns supreme as it unites not one, but two Ibiza icons - Cala d'Hort Beach and the island's most treasured gem, the Es Vedra rock formation. The most magical place in Ibiza - or the world some may say - as it dances in harmony with the most magical hour of the day.

The monolithic limestone rock formation of Es Vedra, located off the south coast of Ibiza, is said to be the third most magnetic point in the world and has long been referred to as the source of Ibiza’s inexplicable energy.

There is something so magical about this spot, so maybe this is a legitimate fact.

As one of the most popular spots you can expect crowds but also a sense of calm and tranquility. It's one of those experiences that deserves a moment of silence.

To get here: Follow the signs for Cala d’Hort. As you approach the final junction either follow the road down all the way to the beach or to the viewing platforms and car park areas. The first viewing platform you’ll find on the left as you drive towards the beach, the second by taking a left at the junction and following the map to Torre des Savinar.

Punta Galera - San Antonio

Almost like something from planet mars, the stunning rock structures that form Punta Galera feel like another world. You can find a spot upon the rocky outcrop, but we would advise taking the walk towards the glistening waters for the show stopping experience. From here there is a sense of connection to the earth, as you laze upon the warm flat rocks, legs floating in the sea and take in the view.

To get here: Follow the road out of San Antonio and towards Santa Agnes, where Punta Galera will be signposted. After a bumpy ride you’ll find the carpark and then simply follow the crowds and the sun towards your spot.

Sunset Strip - San Antonio

With a whole promenade of bustling bars and restaurants built in honour of this daily performance, it would simply be rude to not take a front row seat at one point during your visit. With that said, there is quite a selection to choose from, each offering their own individual take on cuisine and cocktails to accompany the golden hour. Here we pick our top selection and a little taste of why.

Reservations for dinner at any sunset restaurant are an absolute must, however Golden Buddha offers casual seating and a relaxed vibe, with no reservations accepted.

Golden Buddha - Ibiza

For those wanting cool boho vibes, uplifting tunes and a stand out menu then Monkey just around the corner is your answer.

Of course it’s almost impossible to be upon the promenade without a visit to Ibiza legends, Cafe Mambo and Cafe Del Mar. Both have their own charm, with Cafe del Mar sharing a more sublime and sophisticated experience on their lengthy terrace. For show stopping sunsets, with a popping terrace thanks to the pre-club big name, DJs then Cafe Del Mar is your winner. Remember with such an in-demand backdrop, there’s a price tag to match.

To get here: Buses frequent San Antonio Town from Ibiza Town every 30 minutes or so throughout the summer season. For those driving, paid parking lines the San Antonio town streets and free car parking can be found just behind Cafe Mambo.

Kumharas - Cala de Bou/San Antonio Bay

San Antonio bay offers prime position for sunset gazing but with their nightly live shows, DJs and stunning veranda, Kumharas deserves this special mention.

Set under a pinky hue, the street food market will fill your stomach as you peruse the mini night market, before settling for the nightly celebration. Welcoming an international crowd, there’s often children dancing amongst the tables, as families enjoy each other's company.

To get here: You can catch a bus from San Antonio Town and Ibiza Town into the bay, or taxis are always an easy option. Parking is lined along the streets, although it is much busier in high season. For those that like to walk, a beautiful 45 minute stroll will take you along the coast from the town.

Benirrás Beach - Northern Ibiza

Renowned for its sunset drumming sessions, Benirrás Beach is a popular spot for those wanting to experience the true hippie Ibiza vibe. Encompassed by cliff sides, it creates a feeling of being cuddled within the warmth of the bay, as you gaze out upon the sunset and rock formation of Cap Bernat. Those wanting to beach and dine, then cool and chic Elements is a firm favourite.

To get here: Benirrás can be accessed by car but during high season the parking is minimal. Instead park at the park and ride at the top of the hill and take the bus down or get a taxi. Buses are available but a walk will be needed to access the beach.

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