Kyle Watson: Crafting a Unique Festival Experience Through Innovation and Adaptation

May 9, 2023

GA Editorial Team

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Since his debut in 2007, DJ and producer Kyle Watson has been a force to be reckoned with in the global house music scene. With an ever-evolving sound and a commitment to staying true to his creative roots, Watson just captivated audiences at Coachella 2023 with a performance that showcased his unique blend of electronica, pop, funk, and more.

In a recent interview, Watson discussed the challenges and rewards of performing at a massive festival like Coachella, and how his approach to creating music has evolved over time. Recognizing that festivalgoers may not be familiar with his work, Watson is dedicated to crafting a set that keeps the energy up and appeals to a broader audience. Despite the grand scale of Coachella, he remains committed to improvising and adapting his performance based on the crowd's energy.

Watson's relentless experimentation has led to a shift in his creative process, moving away from established formulas and exploring new sources of inspiration. Tracks like 2020's "Major Games" and 2021's "Magic Carpet" exemplify this approach, as he plays with unconventional sounds and blends genres in unexpected ways. Watson believes this evolution has been essential to keeping his music fresh and engaging.

In the world of streaming and instant gratification, Watson acknowledges that the way people consume music has changed. While he has released one album, three EPs, and over 30 singles, he recognizes that singles are currently the focus for many listeners. However, he remains intrigued by the resurgence of albums among some producers and is curious to see how this trend will evolve in the post-COVID era.

For Watson, being invited to perform at a prestigious event like Coachella serves as a reassuring reminder that he is on the right path. As a creative, self-doubt can be a constant companion, but opportunities like this help remind him of the power and impact of his music. At the end of the day, Watson is happiest when he's making beats, and the chance to share his creations with the world is a priceless bonus.

With a dedication to innovation and a passion for connecting with his audience, and as he continues to push boundaries and redefine the DJ dance formula, Kyle Watson will continue to rise in the global house music scene.

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