Luzi Tudor's Encore: A Symphony of Self-Love and Intention

Jul 30, 2023

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Daniela Luzi Tudor, known to the world as Luzi Tudor, has not only made a name for herself in the realms of melodic house and techno but also stands as an inspirational entrepreneur in health tech. Her recent release, a three-track EP named Encore, serves as a self-love release and represents an emotional journey through love, personal growth, and the discovery of inner strength.

However, Luzi's influence reaches beyond her music and into the lives of her fans through a unique initiative – intentional bracelets. In her words, these are more than mere accessories: "I started giving fans, these intention bracelets, which are these bracelets with a capsule in the middle, and on a little piece of paper, you can write your intention, or you can use the one that I put in there, which is all about like self-love."

This simple yet profound idea has resonated deeply with her audience, forging a unique connection between Luzi and her fans. "People have shared that this has helped them through breakups, through job changes, and building around their self-confidence and self-love," she explains.

The ethos of intentional bracelets is emblematic of Luzi's life philosophy – that one can continually grow into their most authentic form. It's a lesson she has internalized through a challenging childhood, emigrating from communist Romania, and navigating success as a global DJ and tech CEO. Her life, much like her music, reflects resilience, determination, and an unwavering commitment to self-discovery.

Luzi Tudor's Intentional brand encompasses more than bracelets. There's a growing community around the brand, one that Luzi aims to foster in both digital and real-life spaces. She envisions an intentional record label, an intentional event series, and a platform where dreams can come true. Luzi shares, "When you show up to an intentional event, you submit your bucket list item no matter how small or big it is. And we'll draw, select a winner, and make that dream come true."

What stands out about Luzi Tudor is her ability to intertwine her art with empathy and empowerment. Her Encore EP reflects her emotional journey, and her intentional bracelets extend this sentiment to her audience, allowing them to participate in her ethos of self-love and growth. As she notes, the intentional brand "comes from my journey of starting with nothing, growing into something, and continuing to also reinvent myself repeatedly."

Photography by Mohammad Shahout

The rise of Luzi Tudor in the music world is not just a story of beats and melodies but a testament to human connection and the transformative power of authenticity. Her intentional initiatives remind us that music is not merely about sound but about shared experiences and personal evolution, a truth that Luzi Tudor lives and embodies with every track and every bracelet.

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