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Resonating Resilience: How Luzi Tudor Strikes a Chord in Tech and Techno

Jun 13, 2023

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Crafting an inspirational journey from tech executive to global melodic house and techno DJ, Luzi Tudor is transforming adversity into an art form. With a musical style that embodies resilience, love, faith, and breakthroughs, Luzi creates a sonic tapestry reflective of her own experiences. Yet, it is her tenacity that forms the heart of her narrative, as she navigates a male-dominated industry with the same determination that drove her success in the tech world.

Despite the gender imbalance in the techno scene, Luzi rises above, drawing from her experiences in the tech industry. Rather than allow the industry's challenges to deter her, she uses them to electrify her drive, standing confident in her skills while remaining humble and eager to learn and grow.

Photography by Aj Elgammal

Ever-evolving, Luzi is enthusiastic about her upcoming projects, with debut releases on her label, Intentional, and more exciting collaborations. Her musical ambitions are fueled by purpose, not just for personal success, but also for creating shared experiences that resonate on a deep, emotional level.

Looking ahead, Luzi is as purposeful as she is ambitious. In the short term, she plans to connect with audiences worldwide through her sets and curate her event series, Intentional. These events aim to be as transformative as the intention bracelets she gifts at shows, creating a bigger, community-driven experience.

Her long-term vision includes delving into scoring for films, launching organizations to support emerging artists, and leading the way in preserving the history and culture of dance music.

Beyond her music, Luzi is a true trailblazer. She envisions a legacy that shatters genre boundaries, guides aspiring artists, and enhances the music industry with innovative event experiences. Furthermore, she seeks to leverage her artistry in film scoring, tapping into the stirring power of storytelling to foster social change and impactful experiences.

Navigating dual careers in tech and music isn't without its challenges, but Luzi approaches this with a fierce mindset that underlines her ethos. The fear of balancing two prominent roles is replaced with a focus on authenticity and doing the best she can, unfazed by external opinions. As both a tech CEO and a DJ/Producer, Luzi highlights the abundant transferable skills between the two fields, noting the shared requirements for perseverance, grit, hard work, and patience.

Luzi's love for music spans genres and seeps into her creative process. Her wide-ranging music palette, from the hip-hop beats of Dead Prez to classical influences, provides a rich source of inspiration. Whether she's incorporating different elements in her productions or curating unique additions to her DJ sets, Luzi's diverse music taste broadens her sonic spectrum.

In a world often dictated by stereotypes and expectations, Luzi breaks the mold, reminding us that there are no limits to what we can achieve when we follow our passions.

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