Watch Lilly Palmer Serve Techno Journeys at the Eiffel Tower, a Rotterdam Hotel, and More

Nov 21, 2022

Ana Monroy Yglesias

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German DJ and producer Lilly Palmer has fans around the globe thanks to her intricate, banging techno productions and immersive sets that take the dancefloor on a journey. She also loves playing in unique locations, often at sunset, sharing the sets on YouTube so fans can be transported on her techno airline, anytime, from anywhere.

Read on to watch five of the "We Control" producer's captivating DJ sets from interesting locales around the world.

1. Lilly Palmer by the Eiffel Tower in Paris (Tour Eiffel)

In the above video, witness Palmer deliver an hour of techno heaters from a Parisian rooftop at sunset, with a direct view of the Eiffel Tower. She opens the DJ set with a kinetic track from her partner, Egbert, along with Metodi Hristov's "Connect." Other track IDs include "From Beyond" by A.Paul and Dextro, "Interlinked" by Thomas Schumacher, and several of her own heaters, including "We Control," "Plasma," and "Aether." Rocking her signature high, sleek pony with a simple, all-black ensemble, she grooves and sways to the rhythm as she commands the decks. Impressionnante!

2. Lilly Palmer at nhow Rotterdam

Here, Palmer delivers another hour of entrancing techno against a gorgeous backdrop. She performs from a terrace or rooftop at the nhow Rotterdam hotel, with a stunning view of the Erasmusbrug bridge, the Nieuwe Mass river, and the Rotterdam skyline. She plays with the energy levels and BPM, keeping things interesting as the sun begins to set behind her. Track IDs include "Fryction" from Talismann, Marcal's remix of "Halving" by Lyric, "Raskolnikow" from Claas Herrmann, and, of course, a sprinkling of her productions like "Plasma," "Vertigo," and "Aether." In a fittingly euphoric moment as the sky turns orange, she closes the stellar set with her partner Egbert's "Finale," released on her Spannung Records.

3. Lilly Palmer in Bogota for Atonal

In this spring 2021 set, Palmer touches the clouds from a breezy Bogotá hillside armed with a puffer vest, dance moves, and USBs filled with pure heat. During this hour of driving techno hosted by Bogotá rave producer Atonal, the German techno champ drops Egbert and Metodi Hristov's "Euphoria,"'s "Temptation," her remix of Drumcomplex's "Atomic," The YellowHeads, Rebel Boy and Sam WOLFE's Detroit tribute, "Motor City," and Thomas Schumacher's "You Belong Here." Flanked by a gorgeous view of hilltops and Colombia's capital city behind her, Palmer proves her brand of techno belongs in many places.

4. Lilly Palmer at Delfins Beach Resort Bonaire

This set is a free trip to paradise, complete with the sound of waves crashing. Here, we find Palmer commanding the decks from the edge of a pier surrounded by the turquoise-blue Caribbean Sea. She starts things off with the synthy, melodic number from Stephan Jolk on Afterlife, "A Declaration of Love." The beautiful, watery setting is at the tranquil-looking Delfins Beach Resort Bonaire. The set continues on an emotive and moody journey, with the Adriatique remix of Matthew Dekay's "Heimreise," Fabrication's "Dustpig," and Gregor Tresher's "About A Good Place." To close, she selects Adriatique's "Home" with Marino Canal and Delhia de France as mother nature sends down a heavy sheet of tropical rain.

5. Lilly Palmer Kingsday session on a boat

Who wouldn't want to take a boat ride with Ms. Palmer as she serves up playful beats? Back in April 2020, many of us began aching for a loud, sweaty dancefloor as we perused Netflix for the millionth time. So, Palmer took a trip down the river and served up a fun and melodic set to give her fans a safe dose of rave energy. She opened the mix with Sam Shure's jingly "Mirage," into the Adana Twins' "Maoa." Other track IDs during the hour melodic techno cruise include Colyn's "Resolve," Khainz's "Next," and Avidus' "Engarde." As night begins to fall and the sun begins to set (all the moody sunset techno, please!) Palmer closes with Township Rebellion's "Magna Mater."

...Hey Cercle, we're ready for you to collab with Lilly Palmer so she can bring a techno journey to an extra special locale.

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