Yaya's Clubbing Days Started at 12

May 16, 2023

Lauryn Njeri

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Yassin Ligali Ali, more commonly known as the prolific producer and DJ Yaya, embarked on his nightlife journey at a remarkably young age. At the tender age of 12, Yaya started attending local clubs and parties in his hometown of Turin, where he fell in love with the sound of electronic music. Despite being underage, his passion for the music and the vibrant energy of the clubbing atmosphere drove him to immerse himself in the scene.

Growing up in an environment where music played a significant role, Yaya's parents exposed him to a multitude of genres and styles from an early age. His family's deep appreciation for music and his natural curiosity set the stage for his early exploration of the clubbing scene. Five years later, Yaya began DJing and immediately spent summer after summer in the electronic Meca, Ibiza, which is lauded for its vibrant electronic music scene. He dedicated countless hours to practicing and refining his skills, experimenting with different techniques and styles to carve out his unique sound.

Yaya started to gain recognition for his DJ sets and live performances, which showcased his unique blend of house, techno, and minimal music. With each passing year, Yaya's presence in the clubbing scene grew stronger. His relentless pursuit of musical excellence caught the attention of industry professionals, leading to opportunities to perform at local events and, later, major festival and club venues.

Yaya's remarkable journey from a 12-year-old clubber to an accomplished DJ and producer is a testament to his unwavering dedication, natural talent, and the formative experiences that shaped his musical upbringing. The experiences and knowledge gained during his formative years as a clubber laid the foundation for Yaya's future success as an Italian DJ. His early immersion into the clubbing culture shaped his musical taste and ignited a fire within him to share his passion with others.

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