Exploring Yaya's Tamango Records in 5 Tracks

Apr 4, 2023

Ana Monroy Yglesias

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Rising minimal tech star Yaya founded Tamango Records in Berlin in 2016 as a way "to spread its rainbow vibes from the soul between unusual and curious records, parties, and adventures." Tamango has released music from Yaya, Loco Dice, Enzo Siragusa, Cuartero, Cassy, Neverdogs and more. Yaya sees Tamango as boundaryless, and took the name from the myth of Tamango, who is said to be the first African slave to fight for his freedom.

The Italian DJ and producer got his start as a drummer, following in his father's—a singer for 70s era Italian band M’bamina—footsteps, and that love of danceable percussion is core to the Yaya and Tamango sound. Read on to hear some of the big tunes from Tamango that highlight its expansive sound.

1. Obeid - For Real

The latest release, from December 2022, on Tamango comes from Argentinian newcomer Obeid—his debut release on Yaya's imprint, and only his third release ever, all of which came in 2022. Tamango is all about highlighting dancefloor groovers and fellow Italian bad-asses, while also giving new and rising artists a platform to shine. As the label aptly describes, "For Real" is a "vibrant energy-fueled production harnessing heavy drums, driving low-ends, broad hats, and subtle bongo tricks." The EP also has three more energetic tracks.

2. Yaya - Black Mamba (Loco Dice Remix)

This track is everything. The original, from Yaya's debut 2019 album You Decide, was great, and the Loco Dice—one of his longtime champions—remix ups the weird factor. Loco Dice transforms "Black Mamba" into a wiggly, winding, bubbling, energetic, and strange journey, the perfect afterhours track to keep things interesting. It's part of the 2021 remix package of You Decide, which also includes remixes from Cuartero, Enzo Siragusa, Ben Murphy, and others.

3. Nathan Alzon - Nuns In Heels (Rendher Remix)

Rising French Taiwanese artist Nathan Alzon has drawn support from Loco Dice, Marco Carola, Butch, wAFF, and others. He saw his debut on Tamango last year with the Heartbreaker EP. The final track on the EP is the Rendher remix of, "Nuns In Heels." The original is smooth, sultry, and housey The remix kicks up the energy and the techy elements. At the time of writing, it's the top-selling Tamango track on Beatport.

4. Neverdogs - Easy (Sidney Charles Remix),

The remixes on Tamango always get a lot of love! On Italian duo Neverdogs 2022 Easy EP, the Sidney Charles remix of the title track got a lot of love last year, even ranking on Beatport's Minimal / Deep Tech 2022 best-sellers list. It's smooth and driving, propelled by that shuffling bassline currently popping off in the minimal tech scene.

5. Yaya - Delirio Habanero

The three-track 13K EP from Yaya was the debut Tamango release, dropped in February 2017. The second track, "Delirio Habanero," is a laid-back techno afterparty track, deep and moody with a fat, echoing bass and brief distorted vocals that may or may not be saying "yummy yummy yummy." It's certainly a delicous, spicy heater!

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