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Some might know Cirez D better by his given name, Eric Prydz, but they’re far from the same artist. While Cirez D is simply an alternative moniker for Prydz, the music is a stark contrast. Fans of the music popularized by the producer’s given name may be surprised by what they hear at a Cirez D set. Instead of the shimmering melodic house Eric Prydz is known for, Cirez D skews towards the dark underbelly of techno and house.

The Swedish producer Prydz began performing under the Cirez D moniker in May of 2006, not long after he appeared under his own name in 2004. Darker in nature, Cirez D plays stripped-back, dark techno meant for seedy warehouses and long after-parties that carry you deep into the night. Though it’s not what Prydz initially became known for, it's a space where he thrives.

While his namesake project was ascending the charts, his black sheep alter-ego didn’t trail too far behind. His astonishing productions landed him performance spots at famed music festivals around the world. Tomorrowland, Loveland, Creamfields, and Ultra Music Fest have all hosted the great DJ over the past decade.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Prydz created Mouseville Records–one of his four imprints–in 2002. The label is fed almost entirely by Cirez D releases, beginning with “Control Freak” in 2004. Nearly every future release from Cirez D would be released to Mouseville Records. Most notably, his 2010 single “Glow” is a sprawling 9-minute epic with a hypnotic beat and soft flourishes.

As a popular fan of multiple aliases, Prydz is able to create a unique story around each of his projects. As a hugely popular producer, using different aliases allows Prydz the freedom to play what he wants, without inherent pressure and expectation. No matter what name he uses, fans of Eric Sheridan Prydz can always expect flawless tracks that hit hard and light up the night.

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