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Jaded, a DJ duo featuring Nariman Akrami (Nari) and Teodoro Cretella (Teo), stands out in the global house music scene for blending a wide array of cultural influences and genres into their sound. Rooted in London’s eclectic culture, their work is a reflection of the city's diversity, drawing inspiration from their varied Iranian, Italian, and Irish backgrounds. The duo’s early encounters in a shared studio space in West London were the start of a partnership that would explore and redefine the house genre in new and exciting ways.

Their music career is highlighted by collaborations with a range of artists, including notable names like Dillon Francis and Paul McCartney, showcasing their flexible approach to music production. Their track "Welcome to the People" is a prime example of their ability to create hits that resonate across club scenes and festivals worldwide, earning them a solid reputation and a dedicated fan base.

Jaded’s growth has been significantly boosted by their releases on Diplo's Higher Ground label, hitting top spots on club charts and gaining recognition from well-respected DJs. Their live performances are known for their adaptability, with the duo skillfully reading and responding to the crowd's energy, whether at major festivals like Splash House and EDC or intimate club settings.

At the heart of Jaded's success is their fluid approach to music creation, merging traditional and electronic elements to craft their signature sound. Their use of personal vocals and innovative percussion work has carved out a distinct niche for them in the dance music scene.

As they continue to explore new directions and sounds, Jaded is set to remain a significant force in music, constantly adapting to new trends while staying true to their roots. Their story is not just about their music but also about how bringing different cultures and sounds together can create something entirely new and exciting.

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