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German DJ and producer Mathias Kaden isn’t just a passing fad in dance music, it’s clear he’s in it for the long haul. With a sound that is equal parts gritty, energetic, and unexpected, Kaden has amassed a loyal following and is still captivating audiences with his interesting sonic take.

Kadnen first began to spin in the 90s in his small German hometown nestled between the smaller communities of Jena and Gera. He pulls influences both from American vocal music, as well as from house music and the sounds that surrounded him on the dancefloor as a young man.

Thus far in his career, Kaden has released a long list of tracks, spanning full-lengths, EPs, singles, and compilation albums. Most notable perhaps are his debut LP, ‘Studio 10,’ released on Vakant in 2009, which featured collaborations with the likes of Ian Simmonds, Gjaezon, Tomomi Ukumori, and Florian Schirmacher, and his second LP, “Energetic,” released in 2015 on Freude am Tanzen. Kaden is also known for his remixes; he’s lent his personal style to music by the likes of Anja Schneider, Monika Kruse, Matthias Tanzmann, Super Flu, 2000 & One, and many more.

In addition to his extensive discography, Kaden has shared his music live at a variety of notable venues and festivals across the world. His name has graced the marquees of clubs including Ibiza’s Heart, Mallorca’s Social Club, and Berlin’s Watergate. He’s also played larger events like Loveland Festival’s sold out 25 year celebration in August 2022, in addition to Berlin’s Ritter Butzke Jubiläum, and many more. Kaden has even played in Jena frequently, including a set at 2022’s SonneMondeSterne.XXIV alongside The Chainsmokers, Eric Prydz, Amelie Lens, Adam Beyer, Pan-Pot and more. He has also held a residency at Muna, a popular nightlife spot in Jena, near his hometown.

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