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Coincidentally enough, Phoenix Jagger was born in Phoenix, Arizona. However, it would be the swamps of central Florida that would greatly shape him as a person and an artist. Jagger began dabbling around the Floridian dance music scene in the early 2010s. He started with heavier drum and bass before later infusing elements of big room and tech house. If you ask him how he came to his unique sound he’ll answer candidly: “the dance floor made me do it.”

With his heroes Claude VonStroke, deadmau5, and Destructo in mind, he says he likes to adapt his live sets to fit the crowd and hopes to inspire a “non-stop energic, feel-good vibe.” That “vibe” must’ve caught on because in a few short years the producer has gone from basements and 50-person afterparties to big-name Floridian festivals. In 2022 he snagged a spot at Skyline Orlando alongside some of the biggest names in house: Chris Lake, Hot Since 82, and Eric Prydz just to name a few.

A true man of his city, Jagger is well known around Orlando for his flagship event series “Come Early Dance Longer.” In 2021, he decided that Orlando needed a healthy dose of good, old-fashioned techno. He teamed up with Injoy Events to create DARK ART volume XXVIII - “a cross-genre concept that culminates in dark, sexy techno that really makes you groove.”

But Jagger is more than just a party man on the decks. In 2017 he worked alongside Austin Hammer to launch House Keepers Records. He’s since worked tirelessly in the studio as a key artist and guiding voice for the FL label. These days, he spends his time in the studio, fine-tuning his production with jazzy samples and vintage deep cuts.

Phoenix Jagger is an artist who combines his unique talent, musical experience, and love of the craft with the energy of the dance floor. Even for those outside the sunshine state, Jagger is certainly a name to remember.

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