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Emerging from the understated but rich and vibrant dance music scene of Guadalajara, México, the electronic artist who produces and performs under the name of Prudd has established himself as both an expert selector and DJ as well as a creator of music that stretches the boundaries of what people expect from the dancefloor.

The Mexican native has over ten years of experience playing in various important hubs for dance music culture including Mexico City, London, Palma de Mallorca, and Tulum. With such a vast location resume, he’s proven his ability to adapt to the wants and needs of any dancefloor, with any crowd, at any time of day or night.

From dimly lit rooms where the only visuals are stuttering strobe lights to sandy beaches where a huge fraction of the crowd is barefoot and absorbing the summer sun. Prudd has the arsenal of beats and the environmental understanding to provide a first-rate experience.

Prudd’s frequent label home is none other than Drecords, where he’s released music alongside numerous other young tastemakers including Zombies In Miami and Bobby Soprano.

Prudd’s debut on the label, a double-track EP from 2019 entitled Thievery, demonstrates his bespoke minimalistic style that penetrates the soul, hypnotizes the mind, and controls the body.

The title track is an almost pleasant-sounding downtempo tune that has a sense of reserved power behind it, while the second track, “Aereal,” elevates listeners on a journey into themselves.

Prudd’s follow up on Drecords came two years later in the form of the single called “The Crew 02.” This track sonically personifies the descriptors of “minimal,” “deep,” and, of course, “techno.”

With this sort of intricate care and attention brought to every detail of his music, Prudd is perfect for home listening and club listening, although club listening is the one that will knock off socks.

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