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Mauricio Rebolledo, or simply known as Rebolledo, first got involved in the dance music scene in the early 2000s as a DJ in his birth country, Mexico. His approach to his performances was to collect songs from all corners of the world, showing his audience that he can paint a story with jumbles of seemingly unconnected material. Eventually, Rebolledo decided to produce his own records for the sake of allowing smoother transitions between selections during his sets. What started as a convenience project emerged into something more. Encouraged by Kompakt artist, Matias Aguayo, Rebolledo appeared on three of the budding label’s ‘Cómeme’ five releases during its inaugural year of 2009.

Along with a solo repertoire, the Mexican maverick has also seen successful releases as part of the notorious duo known as Pachanga Boys. Formed with Aksel Schaufler (aka Superpitcher), the pair first showcased their unique style on a handful of Kompakt Total compilation albums. Wanting more creative freedom, they conceived their own label ‘Hippie Dance’, on which they released some cult EP’s including iconic tracks such as ‘Black Naga’, ‘Poem for the Youth’, ‘Time’, as well as their first album ‘We Are Really Sorry’ in 2012.

Rebolledo reappeared on the Kompakt imprint with his 2014 Mix CD titled ‘Momento Drive’, highlighted by the single ‘Windsurf, Sunburn, and Dollar’ which was awarded the number one spot of Spin Magazine’s best Dance Songs that same year. Rebolledo’s colorful style has also invited him into the fashion world, attracting a certain attention that’s led his tracks to be used by brands like Versace, Margiela, Chanel, and Maison Martin’s runways.

Apart from his musical projects, Rebolledo is also an entrepreneur with his hand in several different pots. He is a partner of two of the most established clubs in Mexico, M.N. Roy in Mexico City and TOPAZdeluxe in Monterey. He is also a main collaborator of the Mayan Warrior initiative, a collaborative project that has united artists, craftsmen, photographers, designers, and musicians to present the world with incredible contemporary Mexican electronic music.

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