On the SoundCloud Pulse: Fiin's Vibrant Voyage & III Points

Oct 18, 2023

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Michela Iosipov

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In an industry that often heralds the "overnight sensation," Miami's very own DJ and producer Fiin stands as an example of the passion and the dedication. For him, music wasn't an inheritance but a discovery. Soccer fields and sports medicine textbooks were his initial companions until a fortuitous brush with house music at a store shifted his life's trajectory.

Trading college dorms for CDJs and a dream, Fiin dived headfirst into the world of beats and bass. Guided by the mentorship of DJ Diego Harispe, Fiin was introduced to the legends of the disco era, grounding him in the very foundation of the genre he loved.

From being the youngest resident of Miami's iconic Heart Nightclub to sharing decks with global DJ maestros, Fiin's rise was noteworthy. His sentiment towards his hometown resonates deeply, "Playing at III Points holds profound importance for me because it's more than just a gig; it's a connection to the heart of Miami. This is not just a performance; it's a celebration of our vibrant city's energy and a moment to share my passion with the place that has always been my inspiration."

His Sunday venture, Relic, became Miami's musical haven, an ode to pure, unadulterated sounds, stripped of frills and fads. Understanding the need for originality, Fiin embarked on a production journey, relentlessly perfecting his craft. The result? A coveted contract with Ultra Records and tracks that reverberate with sensuous grooves, techy rhythms, and a soul that's unmistakably Fiin. From hits like "Le Crocodile" to the rhythmic allure of "Wild Trees," his music invites listeners to lose themselves.

Further amplifying his reach, Fiin's inclusion in the Gray Area SoundCloud mix introduces his unique sound to a broader audience. This curated auditory journey, designed to spotlight emerging talents, provides a platform where artists like Fiin resonate with global listeners, embodying the essence of the contemporary music landscape.

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