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Anjunabeats Partners with Tech Institution for Climate Change Study

Sep 16, 2022

Melisa Yuriar

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Dance music imprint Anjunabeats has partnered with MIT’s Environmental Solutions Initiative on a dynamic environmental project to engage music fans about climate change and foster awareness about sustainability. With this collaborative project, the label ultimately hopes to convey a plethora of actionable solutions that music enthusiasts and those who care about the climate on a more expansive scale may begin to take small steps on a personal scale to contribute positively to the bigger fight against climate change.

The partnership with MIT’S Environmental Solutions Initiative will enable the label to “apply scientific rigor in our sustainability efforts,” said Anna Johnson, the label’s Sustainability and Environment Officer. “Music events provide an opportunity for testing new ideas and experimentation around pressing global challenges. We hope the Gorge project contributes to a growing body of research with the objective to scale-up sustainable behavior changes.”

MIT’s initiative will use multi-disciplinary research (yes, they’re tapping into more than just tech and engineering experts for this collaboration), education, events, and partnerships to help propel our society toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

Directly raising awareness through live music and art is Egyptian-born Boston-based recording artist Norhan Magdy Bahomi, better known by her artist name, Nourey. The MIT Ph.D. student-producer conducted a pilot study at Above & Beyond’s Gorge Weekender event earlier this summer.

According to the label, her climate study was active for 16 hours, and more than 500 people experienced the interactive augmented reality ‘Art Wall’ experience she created. The Anjunabeats artist said she believes that “music unites us, and so can science and Technology.”

“During the ABGT weekender this year, we were blessed with the opportunity to work with Anjunabeats/Involved Group on a beta project for Climate communication. Fusing AR technology with collaborative arts, we believe this could be a stepping stone in a broad space where audiences can better engage in climate change issues during live events,” said Nourey.

Professor John E. Fernandez, head of MIT’s ESI program, shared his excitement for the Egyptian producer’s project and the newly unveiled collaborative project with Anjunabeats.

“Working with Anjunabeats at the Gorge was a unique experience in projecting into the future – a more climate aware, sustainable, and equitable future. Bringing science into the heart of a music experience is not only a powerful way in which to engage people on the challenges of climate change but also inspires the potential for transformation. Anjunabeats has been a leader on these issues, and MIT has deep expertise and engagement activities on climate change and many other environmental challenges. Working together at the Gorge proved that there is much we can do to enhance learning and prompt real action for a better planet,” said the professor.

A presentation on the study’s findings will be unveiled at a special live-streamed event on Zoom and Twitch on Wednesday, September 21, at 11:30 EST. The stream will be hosted collaboratively by MIT and Anjunabeats as part of the ongoing sustainability project initiated by the revered music imprint.

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