Beatport Follows Ukrainian DJ Nastia in Debut Documentary 'Off the Record'

Jul 1, 2022

Melisa Yuriar

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International music platform, Beatport, launched a unique documentary series that provides an in-depth look at the lives of the most esteemed artists, producers, and DJs in electronic music today.

Off the Record debuted its first documentary in the series on June 30, featuring Ukrainian DJ Nastia. The film follows the DJ, producer, label boss, and mother as she navigates her career and day-to-day life after receiving a shocking phone call.

Nastia is forced to leave her home after learning of the Russian invasion. Now a Ukrainian refugee, she conveys her relentless drive to continue supporting her family and country by allowing viewers an exclusive peek into several months of touring, traveling, and returning to Ukraine amidst a war that has ravaged her beloved home.

In the documentary, the outspoken artist also delves into her career and family, revealing how she got her early start, raised her daughter as she rose to international fame, and how she will continue to use her platform to spread awareness about the situation in Ukraine.

Donate to Nastia's "NECHTO for Ukraine"

"I think that our scene is fragile in the end, and I wish that the international music scene would be more active in changing things. What I see is that it's a certain kind of comfort zone which people try to protect—they don't want to be involved and they don't want the music to be involved in politics, or something like war. It's a big panorama, a huge picture, of how our scene is, truly. You can analyze it and see good things, and bad things, I just see it my way. Everyone will see it differently…depends on his or her experiences," the artist candidly shared as she reflected on the industry and what it meant to be outspoken in her position as a high-profile artist.

Nastia recently sat down with Mixmag's Ralph Moore during a private screening of the Beatport documentary in London to discuss the documentary and elaborate on that period of her life and about her music label, NECHTO records.

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