Berghain Outlines New Safety Protocols After Spiking Claims Emerge

Jul 12, 2022

Melisa Yuriar

2 min read

Esteemed Berlin venue Berghain has outlined a set of harm-reduction and awareness protocols for club-goers in response to claims regarding needle and drink spiking that allegedly transpired in late May. The venue received significant backlash for ejecting a woman from the club who had been spiked prior to publishing the new protocols on their website.

Berghain has now dedicated an entire page of their online site that lists various protocols, informal rules, and support resources to ensure the personal safety of their attendees.

Take care of each other and respect other people’s personal space—previously unwritten rules need to be spoken out due to a rise in needle/drink spiking of club goers,” Berghain shared in the statement.

“While it is important to note that such unwitting, non-consensual, and devious assaults happen rarely, every case is one too much—encroaching behavior is not acceptable, drugging others is a crime and dangerous: offenders are being permanently removed from the premises and reported to authorities.”

The venue explains that all Berghain staff members are prepared to assist club-goers who feel sick or report experiencing sexual violence at the venue.

The new protocols are available to view in their entirety on the venue’s website.

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