Brooklyn’s Bossa Nova Civic Club Closes After ‘Sustaining Significant Damage’ in Fire, Crowdfund Begins

Jan 18, 2022

Arielle LeJarde

3 min read

Brooklyn is arguably New York City dance music’s beating heart. Large venues like Avant Gardner and Music Hall of Williamsburg host some of the biggest events in the city. Yet hidden gems like Nowadays, Mood Ring, and Bossa Nova are among the few that hold the scene together day by day. Tragically, on the night of January 12, the apartment atop Bossa Nova Civic Club caught fire, leaving one tenant seriously injured.

The morning after, word spread over social media about the devastating situation. The community worried about the victims, as well as dance music’s little home on Myrtle Ave. Dweller Festival and Discwoman founder Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, also known as Frankie Fat Gold, gave insight into the state of Bossa Nova after the event. 

She tweeted, “I just got off the phone with John in regards to bossa, he told me the fire was above bossa, bossa didn’t burn but the water damage and the damage to the whole building means it won’t be opening for a very long time and may not reopen at all but still figuring this out.” 

The venue confirmed this in a now-vanished Instagram story, rehashing that “the building sustained significant damage” and “will be closed for a notable amount of time.”

She continues, “I’m extremely heartbroken over this, this space really gave me everything. we all know how meaningful this club has been for so many of us. I really don’t know what to say. Will be posting a GoFundMe soon.”

A GoFundMe has been created. The description states that the money raised will go to “the staff, bar, and tenants. Distribution of funds will be broken down as we approach the goal.”

It also says, “This space is a second home to a lot of us and has cultivated many careers, friendships and chosen families. Bossa has endured but survived an extreme amount of adversities, during a pandemic no less. This level of harm needs the full backing of the community to restore.”

Bossa Nova is indeed a hub for dance music DJs from all over the city, continuously pushing the incredible local talent that New York City offers. 

DJ SWISHA commented, “So heartbroken about the news that an apartment above Bossa caught fire. We gotta do everything we can to keep this institution afloat once they further assess the situation. Also, please be careful with your words and don't just call this ‘the bossa fire’ it’s not a meme.”

Mood Ring, a club that sits only a block away from Bossa, showed their support on their Instagram in a caption that reads, “Our hearts go out to our friends and neighbors @bossanovacivicclub & everyone in the building affected by the fire. Please consider donating to their Restoration, Tenant & Staff fund.”

If you have the means, please donate to the Bossa Nova Civic Club Restoration & Staff Fund.

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