Club Space, III Points, and Insomniac Partner for Sunset on the Sand

Alicia Baron

Club Space, III Points, and Insomniac Partner for Sunset on the Sand

The dream of merging the thrill of racing with the art and culture of Miami is coming to life. With leading cryptocurrency exchange FTX partnering with Mercedes AMG, and Club Space for the Miami Beach Race Weekend Sunset on the Sand.

Taking place on The Sand on 10th and Ocean in Miami Beach from May 6 - 8, 2022, the event will deliver constant energy to the event. Local DJs will keep the crowd moving during the day as they explore everything FTX Off The Grid offers. The sunset will bring the transition into a three-night ticketed concert series called Sunset on the Sand produced by David Sinopoli, the man behind III Points and Club Space and Insom. The lineup is exactly what you'd expect from the group behind trendy festivals and 24 hours parties featuring epic sets by Jamie Jones b2b with Michael Bibi, Ms. Mada, DisclosureKaytranadaand Jamie XX. 

The event will bring motorsport fans, friends, collaborators, and culture seekers across music, sports, fashion, technology, and hospitality together in one space. It's an unparalleled three-day series of unique and immersive experiences at the intersection of crypto, culture, and cars during the most anticipated race weekend on the sporting calendar. 

Complementing the natural magnificence of Miami Beach, FTX Off The Grid will transform over 165,000 square feet of oceanfront stretch into an "Electric Beach" themed entertainment venue that captures both the city's style and the innovative nature of the blockchain ecosystem and FTX.

Guests can anticipate three exciting days of multilayered activations showcasing first-class entertainment, performances, and surprise musical and celebrity appearances. All topped off with local cuisine and beverages, NFT art galleries and creation stations, a locally inspired fashion show, and Mercedes-AMG car displays. 

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