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New Record Shop Opens in Kyiv, Ukraine

Sep 16, 2022

Melisa Yuriar

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Located on Kudryavska Street in Kyiv, Ukraine, newly opened ABO Records is doing their best to convey a feeling of normalcy for their community.

Founded last month by three music-enthusiast friends, Amir Hanani, Borys Stepanenko, and Oleh Baranovskyi, the store was set up at an abandoned liquor factory. Faced with a complete absence of music gatherings due to the ongoing conflict in their country, the friends decided the time to begin their well-intentioned business endeavor was now.

"The idea to open the store was in our mind for a while," the founders told Resident Advisor. "Now, while all our clubs remain closed due to war, we took the plunge."

An “alternative place” to dial in and relax with other musicians, producers, and music lovers, the shop is becoming a hub for the community at large, which spans fans of electronic music and vinyl collectors.

Abo Records, Instagram

"We live in truly dark times, but still try to remain optimistic and are happy to see people visiting us and digging into records for hours," they shared.

The friends explained that though it hasn’t been very easy so far opening a business during a war, they reckon that their vinyl shop will be paramount in keeping their community’s morale up and their DJ scene alive.

"Even in such dark days, we want to keep it going," the friends said.

Currently, abo records’ stock includes vinyl that spans house, techno, ambient, downtempo, breaks, and trance.

The store owners believe that helping their community is vital to also provide aid for the Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the war. As such, a percentage of what the abo records shop makes in profits will go toward helping Ukrainian soldiers and a foundation for local volunteers.

The vinyl shop is open on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 4 PM through 9 PM.

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