Roland Opens its First Showroom in London

Aug 25, 2022

Melisa Yuriar

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Music brand Roland, creator if the iconic 808, 909, and 303, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this month with the grand opening of its first brick-and-mortar showroom in London. The new building—Roland’s first independent store to open and operate in the city—will sit on Denmark Street in the very center of London.

The official-unofficial birthplace of the British music industry, Denmark Street has been seen as a notorious hot spot over the years for artists to recharge and produce music. Elton John, David Bowie, and the Sex Pistols have all frequented the spot located in the heart of London.

A collaborative effort, the new store will grant customers the opportunity to glimpse new and vintage music items, gear, and equipment by the brand and its guitar pedal manufacturer-partner, Boss. The Japanese manufacterer has been a division of Roland for years, specializing in niche music equipment and accessories—an apt addition to the brand’s first London showroom.

Visitors will be able to access onsite workshops, masterclasses, and book demonstrations in advance for all Roland and Boss products—with vintage products to occasionally be included with this service throughout the year as well.

In addition, a Jupiter-X synthesizer donning black keys and unique gold accents will be on display at the store. The company only made a handful to celebrate their half-centennial milestone.

Staffed by Roland Product Specialists who are ready to help guide and equip customers with knowledge on all things Roland, the London store will also serve as a hub for visitors to explore Boss products and the brand’s latest releases.

Roland Europe’s CEO David Vazquez shared his delight on the brand in a statement issued: “We’re delighted to be able to support our customers in central London, and our retail partners nationwide, by showcasing an exciting range of Roland and BOSS products in a brand new Denmark Street showroom.”

The CEO continued, “Having retailed in Central London previously, both in Harrods and the Virgin Megastore, we’re excited to return to this iconic music location. Our aim is to once again let musicians experience a wider range of products not currently available in Central London.”

An apt celebration of Roland’s 50th Anniversary, the store-showroom is open in London now. Visit Roland Store London online for more information.

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