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Fridays at O Beach Ibiza: A time-traveling pool party extravaganza!

If there's one place on Earth (or through time) you want to be on a Friday, it's the legendary Pool Party at O Beach, this year in collaboration with SHEIN.

Picture this: a sun-soaked afternoon where you're transported back to a world of divine dancers from ancient civilizations and whimsical creatures from times gone by. Fast forward from there, and you're amidst gunslingers in the Wild West, only to be then thrust into a dystopian future filled with electrifying sights and sounds.

All while dancing poolside in Ibiza. Who wouldn’t want to start their weekend this way?

With house music pumping throughout the day, let resident DJs Grant Collins, Sam Dungate, Cameo, Jamie Love, and Lucy Jane take you on a sonic journey with Jack Bullock's live percussion adding to the excitement. And keep your eyes peeled and ears perked up for surprise special guests; O Beach always has an ace up its sleeve!

But remember, this isn't just any pool party. It's where euphoria meets history meets fantasy, underscored by timeless house classics and new bangers to keep you dancing until the sun goes down on another incredible day on the White Isle.

Dive in, splash around, and watch in awe at the acrobatic spectacles in the sky, blurring the lines between what's real and what’s imagined.

An added perk? Stay hydrated with complimentary unlimited water all day and all night at the SHEIN Pool Party.

Every Friday in 2023, from May 12 to October 13.

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