10 Angelos Tracks You Should Know

Jan 18, 2023

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Greece-born Angelos is a prime example of someone who spent their youth honing his DJing skills and dedicating himself to constant practice before making it to the charts. After reaching many milestones throughout his musical journey, becoming a frequent standout to industry leaders like Dixon and Black Coffee, labels like Saved and Toolroom, and receiving widespread support, Angelos has made a reputable name for himself.

We've curated a list of 10 songs that will give you a taste of the signature sound of Angelos, but we're sure you'll want to discover more.

1. Angelos - The System

The beauty of adding your steez into your sound is having the freedom to spice it up with a sample that hooks listeners. In "The System," soft and clean kicks fetch a groove, while driving through rhythmic laughing vocals. The punching breath before the intense drop was smooth for a final touch.

2. Da Mike, Angelos - Way Out

Angelos partnered up with competent Greek producer, Da Mike, to highlight Afro house's roots and the culture's origins. Harnessing the ululation sample which is the sound of good cheer or celebration derived from the African culture hit the sweet spot of this musical pathway.

3. Diplo, Andhim, Elderbrook - One by One (Angelos Remix)

Taking on a remix from a trio of giants is a tall order. Angelos was up to the task, creating the perfect rework for a sunset performance somewhere in the heart of South Africa. Characterized by soulful percussion, gracefully deep melodies, celestial vocals, and bouncy synths, "One by One" grips our flow into an unworldly soundscape.

4. Angelos - Babel

If acid techno and the Afro house had a baby, this is what it would sound like. Angelo's variation of sound shines through this marvelous production. Emulating a tasteful twist on the tribal beats, he puts forth a heart beating tempo, lulling samples, cardinal bongos, and hints of fierce kicks. Hooking listeners with a buildup that holds acid-style elements gives this piece an idiosyncratic twist.

5. Black Coffee, Angelos, Jinadu - Lost

Featured on Black Coffee's Grammy award-winning album Subconsciously, "Lost" carries a solid four-on-the-floor beat that evokes euphoria with a memorable melody, light-hearted percussion, and twinkling keyboards. The call and response between traditional African instruments and modern electronic beats is the perfect fusion of two worlds. There is a wholesome vibe all around when spoken words hug the soul.

6. Da Mike, Angelos - Corvo

In another back-to-back in the studio, Da Mike and Angelos make ticking bell sounds, congas, bongos, and a deeply echoed vocal, the star of the show. The buildup packs a reverberated punch that suspends listeners into an ear-swindling, heart-thumping drop.

7. Angelos - Black Sheep

Angelo's sense of vitality emerges through brilliant orchestral usage and harmonic dexterity. The wistful variation and rhythmic movement in "Black Sheep" sees the producer stitching together distant wind chimes, dreamy pads, and hypnotic synths.

8. Kawtar Sadik, Da Mike - Malayou (Angelos Remix)

It's the doubled-up kicks that really set the tone for the Angelos rendition of "Malayou." Building on a bed of subtlety, he adds slinky shakers and lightly plucked strings playing counterpoint with Agadir-born Kawtar Sadik's exotic vocals.

9. Angelos, Jaidene Veda, Pablo Fierro - Surrender

Angelos and Pablo Fierro's two diverging styles are a match made in heaven. They create a lovely pulse with the sounds of live percussion while adding a galactic-driven bassline that propels the track forward.

"Surrender" has an innate tranquility elevated by the slinky vocals of Jaidene Veda.

10. Angelos - Let the Music Play (Angelos Mix)

A slinky spin on a classic that we can't help but to sing and dance along to. Angelo's version of Shannon's 1983 freestyle hit is the kind of beat you drop at the end of the night to bring the vibes front and center. Thie dopamine-releasing melody will fill the air with love and joy.

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