11 YokoO Tracks You Should Know

Dec 23, 2022

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Authenticity and purity go hand in hand when Julien Beltzung, aka YokoO, seamlessly crafts his sound. The French native voyaged to Australia in his 20s with a bag full of records and a path to pave his musical journey. Channeling a eudaimonia soul into his basslines and magical synths, the alchemist’s production with deep, minimal, and organic house incites a flow for the dance floors and a tune for our ears.

Beltzung has fearlessly established his imprint, SATYA, as a home for powerfully raw grooves and empowers other producers to follow his example of boundless self-expression through music. To celebrate his drive for uncompromising originality in his music, and creating space for other aspiring artists, we’ve highlighted 11 of YoKoO’s most recognizable tracks.

1. YokoO, Retza - Pachamama [Kindisch]

The perfect tune for a sunset performance, “Pachamama,” is a cascade of serenity and emotive vocals that glide on the wings of melodic basslines. Teaming up with Australia-based Retza, YokoO displays his tasteful sound with an organic house groove incorporating resonating violin chords, immersive synths, and minimal undertones.

2. YokoO, Mauve, Jo.Ke - Yet Another Day Thinking About You [All Day I Dream]

Pulling a desert feels track from his 2019 album released on Lee Burridge’s, All Day I Dream imprint, YokoO, alongside Mauve, and Jo.Ke, makes the perfect trifecta of producers for a mysterious yet sensual tune. The enchanting vocals accentuate a subtle song structure but still leave room for heavenly synths, enthusiastic drums, and blissful percussion for a glistening soundscape.

3. YokoO, atish - Atman [SATYA]

For his third release via his imprint, SATYAYokoO collaborates with DJ, producer, and label head boss of Manjumasi, atish, for an eight-minute experience fueled with deep house and slippery glitchy basslines. Sounds of radioactive energy cohesively intertwined with crispy kicks make for a masterful extended set.

4. YokoO, Kate Austin - Reignite the Flame [Van Liebling Recordings]

Featuring flirtatious vocals from Kate Austin, YokoO hooks listeners in with a seductive tone, delivering nothing but skin-on-skin energy for the dancefloors. The track has dialogue that feels conversational yet sensual. “Where would you go? Would you take me with you? I really wanna come with you. Take me with you.” The production stirs up a climaxing bassline that eases into Austin’s sultry voice.

5. YokoO, Francesco Mami, Timujin - Himalayan Way (YokoO & Francesco Mami Remix)[trueColors]

“Himalayan Way” was remastered by YokoO and Italian producer Francesco Mami, where both artists added their unique touches. The deep house tune is as majestic as its name. Guiding listeners into a mountain-top atmosphere through breezy synths and progressive melodies, the pair did a stellar job setting a tone for this rework.

6. YokoO, Retza - Euneirophrenia [All Day I Dream]

In another joint effort, Retza and YokoO return to Lee Burridge’sAll Day I Dream for a tranquil melodic track molded to flow with the soul. About halfway through, an echoed buildup intensifies before a stirring drop quickens our pulses.

7. YokoO, Seabourne - Nefelibata [Save Us Records]

A featured vocal from Berlin-based Seabourne is the cherry on top of this dissociative feeling track, encapsulating rich harmonies and eloquent delays. The lyrics “You say, your war is my war” tie in flawlessly with the altered pitches that culminate mid-waveforms.

8. YokoO, Retza - Tarantism [All Day I Dream]

YokoO and Retza are a dynamic duo in the studio, and their skillful talents prevail through the music they release on Lee Burridge’s, All Day I Dream. “Tarantism” sets an ambiance for a beach party in Ibiza with layers of mystical melodies, soft synths, and minimal keys—a shimmering summer hit.

9. YokoO, atish - Words to Say [SATYA]

Incorporating heavy breaths or muffled vocals in a deep house groove is always a move to enhance expression through your beats. atish and YokoO nailed it on the head with “Words to Say,” as the hypnotic track conjures images from what feels like a heavy and dramatic movie scene.

10. YokoO - Oneness (Live Take) [Musik Gewinnt Freunde]

A magnetic soul saturating throughout “Oneness” conveys wistful emotion through melancholic chords and vibrating percussion. YokoO’s slogan of having the ability to manifest and reveal artistry through music doesn't go unnoticed in this heartfelt track.

11. YokoO, atish - Inner Labyrinth [SATYA]

A steady 4/4 beat cushioned by alienated pitches swells in the intro to glitches that pulsate a crispy synth, YokoO and atish hit a home run with this spacey sound design. The distorted vocals of “You don’t by any chance know the way through this labyrinth, do you?” give off that ‘lost in space’ flavor and texture.

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