5 House Tracks by Miss Dre Sure to Ignite the Dancefloor

Nov 18, 2022

Staley Sharples

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Miss Dre’s discography includes a multitude of hard-hitting house heaters, drawing inspiration from genres like tech house, techno, and even bass music. Since putting out her first song in 2018, the San Francisco-based artist has quickly risen the ranks, playing HARD Summer, Day Trip, Diplo’s Higher Ground, and receiving support from Justin Martin, Gene Farris, and Claude VonStroke in the past year alone.

Dig deep into the sound of this skyrocketing DJ, producer, and singer who is garnering the attention of tastemaker labels Dirtybird, Psycho Disco, Farris Wheel, and Country Club Disco. Read on for five of Miss Dre’s top tunes.

1. Something Special

This tune made its debut in early 2022 via Gene Farris-helmed label Farris Wheel. “Something Special” is indeed just that. In her Gray Area Spotlight interview, Miss Dre excitedly explained that the single has “been received really well, [it] got a lot more engagement than I thought and that it “was really fun to make.” Currently charting as Miss Dre’s best-selling song on Beatport, it’s clear “Something Special” is a standout track from the triple-threat.

2. Club Cravings

This track from Miss Dre’s Country Club Disco EP “was super inspired by the wants and intentions of people when they go into a club and what they're needing out of a club environment.” This mindset helped Miss Dre hone in on the core motif of the song, with the artist sharing that this thought process was what set off “Club Cravings.”

3. Technocality

One of Miss Dre’s biggest hits, “Technocality” happened to be one of her most intuitive creations as well. “[The song] was so easy for me to write, it almost wrote itself,” she said. “I was having a lot of fun with that one. When I was making it, I could hear the tonality, and I knew it would be picked up by one of my top record labels.” When Gene Farris let Miss Dre know that he did, in fact, want to release “Technocality,” it affirmed the Bay Area DJ and producer’s initial feelings around the single. “It was funny, I had this sense of knowing,” she said.

4. Give It To Ya

Miss Dre has a unique ability to predict the future success of singles like “Give It To Ya,” released on Psycho Disco. Similar to her experience getting “Technocality” picked up by Farris Wheel, she explains that she’s “had that intuition sometimes with other tracks. With ‘Give It To Ya,’ I knew it was going to get picked up by Psycho Disco. Sometimes you just know.”

5. Follow Me ft. Niles Shepard

Miss Dre reached Beatport’s #1 spot with “Follow Me,” her collaboration with Niles Shepard released on Slothacid. Prominently featuring Miss Dre’s sultry, magnetic vocals, the story of how the song came together explains the simplicity and fluidity behind it. “Jim and Cam [aka Niles Shepard] sent me the track," she said. "It was probably 80% done, they did most of the production on that one. They had the vocals already in mind, and they hit me up to record an idea. I did it in five minutes, and that was kind of that. [It was an] easy collab.”

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