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Throughout history, liberal San Francisco has been the backdrop to some of the world's most progressive public figures. Names like Harvey Milk, Steve Jobs and Courtney Love instantly spring to mind as the favorite sons and daughters of a city known for its innovation and creativity. In dance music terms, Justin Martin is the Golden Gate City's leading authority.

Like many kids, Justin's sense of curiosity and experimentation would set him up for a life-long love affair with music. Living by the mantra "life's too important to be taken seriously," as uttered by hellraising playwright Oscar Wilde, gives you a sense of his whimsical nature.

Together with Claude VonStroke, he helped turn dirtybird into a cult favorite amongst house music fans.

Aside from its incredible back catalog, the label's BBQ and campout shindigs are amongst the most highly-sought events in North America. Not only do these get-togethers throw out the rulebook for what's expected of a party, but they point to a culture of not taking themselves too seriously, as well as cultivating an altruistic community of music lovers.

No wonder they call it the dirtybird family.

Away from the nest, Justin is more than accomplished flying solo. Since becoming active, his output is nothing short of prolific. Anybody yet to shake their ass to his seismic Function hasn;t truly lived, in our opinion. His 2016 album Hello Clouds was one of the very best from that calendar year, fusing pop-melodies with abstract sound design.

For the past couple of years, Justin has ventured out on his own, bringing renewed focus to his own imprint What To Do. Most recently, he looked back to revisit earlier work from his Ghetto & Gardens project, issuing a ton of remixes that covered the broad spectrum of dance music.

There are few producers who manage to straddle the line between making raw, sleazy club tracks and warm, emotive, pop-influenced music. Justin is a man capable of both.

Whether it be in the studio or taking clubbers on a journey on the dance floor, Justin Martin's artistry knows no bounds.

Not bad for a kid who grew up banging pots and pans in his parent's backyard.


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