5 Must-Hear Matt Sassari Tracks

Dec 5, 2022

Sierra Vandervort

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It’s highly probable that you’d hear a track from Matt Sassari and think, “hey! I know this song!” With nearly a decade of skin in the game, the French producer and DJ has hit more than a few home runs. His recent penchant for flipping pop music cuts into bonafide dance hits lends itself well to modern trends without sacrificing substance.

Continued support from Carl Cox, Green Velvet, and Nicole Moudaber—to name a few—points to a come-up for Matt Sassari. His recent singles are cruising comfortably on the Beatport charts and making their way into tracklists worldwide. We’re not saying these five cuts are the only Matt Sassari tracks you should know, but they might be a good place to start.

1. Put A Record On

This tech house edit of the track Madonna’s 200 hit “Music” was an instant smash on dancefloors ‘round the world. Released by Cr2 Trax in 2019, this was Sassari’s first #1 on the Beatport charts. It would remain on the charts for more than a year. Though not his first recording success, this would be the world’s first taste of how Sassari’s masterful edits give a nod to pop music.

2. Give It To Me

Another house take on pop music, this viral hit is an adaptation of the popular 2007 Timbaland record of its namesake that featured Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake. Both the original and the full vocal mix of this track sit comfortably at the top of Sassari’s top tracks on Spotify and Beatport. His now certified platinum record gives the mid 2000s song a necessary jolt of energy, making it perfect for dancing in the club or in front of your iPhone camera.

3. Dance or Die

In the summer of 2022, festivals and clubs were finally back on their feet but still recovering in the wake of a two-year shutdown. In “Dance or Die,” Sassari and co-producer Green Velvet encapsulate the dire need we all felt to return to the dancefloor. The sinister-sounding techno track rocks in at a perfect 130 BPM before cutting out and giving way to what seems like a universal musing: “Dancing gives me life. Crazy as it seems, I’m a prisoner of my dreams. Music takes me higher. Dancing sets me free.”

4. Step To

A favorite of Spotify playlist curators, this no-nonsense tech house track was released on There Is A Light, a Los Angeles-based record label specializing in premier house and techno cuts. On its own, this track showcases Sassari’s talent as he distills potent dancefloor ammo into a simple, three-minute arrangement. For those looking for more wiggle room, the extended “Melody's Enemy Remix” featured on the single is also a banger.

5. Drake - God’s Plan (Matt Sassari Bootleg)

Sassari may have a knack for instantly recognizable pop music edits, but for this track, listeners might get halfway through before realizing the reference. This bootleg of Drake’s hit is buried three years deep on Sassari’s SoundCloud page. But unsurprisingly, the minimal techno mix has also accumulated over 100,000 streams. Bonus points for our crate diggers out there: it also comes with a free download.

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