5 Songs That Define Miss Monique's Siona Records

Jul 28, 2022

Lauryn Njeri

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Ukrainian producer and progressive house DJ Miss Monique launched her record label — Siona Records, in 2019 to support the growth of aspiring progressive artists. In June of 2020, the label became one of the Top 10 best-selling progressive house labels on Beatport.

Here are five songs that best define the sounds of the outstanding Siona Records.

Miss Monique, Anima - Eclipse

Miss Monique released the superb single “Eclipse” alongside Anima—a spine-tingling track that builds in emotional intensity. The drums are rooted and rolling, with thunderous claps bringing drama and a mournful vocal layering in some pain. The melodies are, of course, well designed and broad, with cosmic energy that transports you to another world.

Silverpanda - Acid or Techno

DJ duo Silver Panda Bring fresh influences to their beats on “Acid or Techno.” Barreling drums and searing acid lines cut up the airwaves on this supersized tune with melodic chords that bring plenty of emotion. It is a track full of mysticism. “Say Nothin” rounds out the EP with a steamy vocal whisper layered over rickety progressive house drums.

Space Food - Distance

The talented duo, Vladimir and Leonid, stormed in with “Distance.” Its pure and atmospheric melodies will teleport you to an idyllic location with magnificent panoramic views. It's an ideal listen at a pre-party chill by the pool or somewhere by the seaside.

Cherry UA - Rebel

Cherry (UA) came through with yet another robust flavor of melodic techno, “Rebel,” six and a half minutes of sleek, brightly lit grooves. The flashy synths add real drama as rising pads and prickly beats fill you with the urge to move. The whole tune is sure to make a massive impact on the floor.

Audiense, S. Birin - Ether

Russian DJ, and producer Audiense, teamed up with S. Birin for the powerful production of "Ether." The track breathes a fresh sound characterized by its unique synthesis that carries through the entire track.

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