5 Tracks from Up-and-Coming Artists on Jean Pierre’s House Label, Pakate Records

Sep 22, 2022

John Cameron

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Jean Pierre is off to a strong start with his fledgling house music label, Pakate Records. He inaugurated it with the Actin’ Up EP by UK DJ and producer FLETCH in June 2021, followed by an April 2022 compilation titled Miami VA-001 that helped put a number of up-and-coming artists on the radar of influential selectors.

“For me, the label is a very personal thing,” Jean says. “I’m just starting to build a team with The Bullitt Agency, focusing on branding and stuff like that, but it’s mainly me. I don’t have a label manager, it’s just me handling everything. It’s very personal and I’m taking my time with it.”

Taking his time or otherwise, Pakate Records has already made moves to uplift the next generation of underground dance musicians. Don’t take our word for it, though. Below you can listen to five tracks from promising artists that have come out on the label thus far.

1. FLETCH - Want Me

Appearing on the B side of FLETCH’s aforementioned Actin’ Up EP, “Want Me” fused sassy vocal samples with primal sonics to great effect. The London-born, Manchester-based artist has also landed on labels like Toolroom Records, Kaluki Music, and Madhouse Records.

2. Daniel Orpi - Candy Mouth

Daniel Orpi demonstrates that less is more on “Candy Mouth,” which appeared on Miami VA-001. The track’s smooth bass line and understated percussion allow its filtered topline to shine. Labels like elrow Music, Edible, and Saved Records have also championed the London-based artist’s other music.

3. Reelow - Homegrown (NYC 2022 Mix)

Jean Pierre came up as an artist in the NYC underground, but it was more than the title of Reelow’s new mix of his track “Homegrown” that landed it on Miami VA-001. Between its infectious groove, crisp sound design, and almost psychedelic tension, there’s a lot that makes it a formidable weapon in any DJ’s arsenal.

4. Guti - La Familia ft. Flor Del Valle

Guti is more established than some of the other artists featured on Miami VA-001, to be sure — but “La Familia” is too good not to include on this list. Warm hand drum samples accentuate the organic warmth of Flor Del Valle’s dreamlike vocal in this compelling cut by the Malawi DJ and producer.

5. Joseph Edmund and REME - Don’t Talk

Compared to most other tracks released on Pakate thus far, “Don’t Talk” by Joseph Edmund and REME leans into the challenging waters of techno. The single’s upbeat tempo and dissonant sonics add a little variety to the Miami VA-001 compilation.

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