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Known for his unique brand of high BPM tech-house groovers, Daniel Orpi has quickly made a name for himself, despite first releasing only three years ago. Born in Barcelona but based in London, Daniel has had the opportunity early in his career to play some of the best venues globally and count artists like Claude VonStroke, Solardo, and Eli Brown as supporters. "I start raving when I was 17 years old… I didn't know what electronic music was, I was just a typical rebel kid. I was painting graffiti on trains and all that stuff… I met some people and they started to bring me to afters [parties] in Barcelona… I was like, Wow, this music is crazy. I was going there every weekend, and I fell in love. Soon, one of my friends introduced me to DJing... Step by step, we got like a small controller. Then I got rid of the small controller, and got some CDJ 300s, and we tried to mix properly without any computer. It took me like one month to figure out what was the BPM and all of that stuff because I was in my in my rooftop bar like trying to figure out what the fuck is this?" After cutting his teeth in Barcelona, playing all night into the mornings, Daniel decided it was time for a change of scenery. Once he determined he wanted to pursue a music career full time, he went to the United Kingdom. He quickly made a trip to Liverpool, where he ended up staying for six months. Although he made great relationships and gained experience, the trip proved difficult for Daniel due to the language barrier. After two years back in Barcelona, Daniel decided it was time to go back to the UK for good. He saw the opportunity that DJs had in London and quickly made it his new home. As he has grown and developed his career, Daniel's sound has become more defined. As a result, he operates in a space that tends to be more minimal, without being repetitive, and often maintains higher BPMs than one would typically find in tech house. "I'm trying to bring it down now, trying to bring it to 128, between 128 and 130 because when I play, I really think it gets all the people dancing more when the beat is faster. It sounds better. I don't know why," he posits. "But also now when I make tracks, I always, even if I do it at 130, you're going to always bring it down when you're playing. So at the end, it's not that much difference. As long as there is no 134, which is crazy stuff, you know, I got some training about like 175, like I would never play that in a club like 134, you know? I just feel that the groove is more driving, so it invites more to dance." Become a Gray Area member for access to exclusive perks! For Daniel, finding the right groove is always the goal. It has allowed him to secure gigs in Ibiza, as well as high-level support on BBC Radio One. "I feel that what you put into your work life will get back to you… I had this in mind [playing Ibiza] for a long time. And now to be seeing all of these goals getting real, it's so crazy. But at the same time, I was already working on the vision of my career for a long time." Knocking out the goal of any rising DJ to play in Ibiza is a massive accomplishment. Getting support from BBC Radio One meant even more to him. "I feel so grateful. Every time I look at things like it's cloudy again, Covid, political issues, I'm just grateful to be where I am and be able to play shows." Going forward, the future is only bright for Daniel Orpi. He is scoring gigs worldwide and just wrapped up his debut US tour. In addition, he will be releasing an EP with Elrow records on December 10th, cementing his place with the brand as one of the hottest Spaniards in the business.


Born and raised in Barcelona, Daniel Orpi's journey into the world of music began far from the decks and dancefloors he now commands. His early years were marked by a deep engagement with graffiti and hip-hop culture, elements that later subtly influenced his approach to music creation. Orpi's initial encounter with electronic music was almost serendipitous, sparked by friends who introduced him to the rave scene in Barcelona. This exposure ignited a passion that would chart the course of his career.

Orpi's transition from an observer to an active participant in the music scene was a gradual process. Starting at the age of 17, he began experimenting with DJing, initially using a small controller before progressing to CDJ 300s. This self-taught journey was marked by a deep dive into understanding the nuances of beats per minute (BPM) and the art of mixing, laying the foundation for his future success.

Daniel Orpi's ascent in the tech-house world has been meteoric, considering his relatively recent foray into music production. His unique style, characterized by high BPM and a blend of minimal yet engaging rhythms, quickly caught the attention of both audiences and industry veterans. Orpi's music, a reflection of his diverse influences, stands out for its energy and ability to connect with listeners.

Orpi has graced some of the most iconic venues in the electronic music world. His performances at The LAB in Madrid, The Brooklyn Mirage in New York, and the revered Amnesia and Hï Ibiza, among others, have solidified his reputation as a dynamic and skilled DJ. His tracks, such as the acclaimed 'Groove Me', have featured on platforms like Danny Howard’s 'Friday Fire' and received support from prominent figures like MK, Michael Bibi, and Eats Everything.

With releases on esteemed labels like Kaluki Musik, Rawthentic Music, and his own imprint, Diggin’, Orpi's discography is both impressive and diverse. His collaborations with labels such as Richy Ahmed’s Four-Thirty-Two and Elrow Music reflect his versatility and commitment to exploring different facets of tech-house. Looking ahead, Orpi aims to continue expanding his global presence, with tours across the Americas and the UK, and to further develop his sound through upcoming releases and his highly anticipated album on Diggin’.

Beyond music, Daniel Orpi harbors a passion for space and science fiction, interests that offer a glimpse into his creative inspirations. He also enjoys basketball, a hobby that complements his dynamic lifestyle.

Daniel Orpi's journey in the music industry is a testament to the power of passion and self-driven learning. From a graffiti artist in Barcelona to a celebrated figure in the tech-house scene, his evolution is a narrative of transformation and relentless pursuit of a dream. As he continues to make his mark, Orpi remains a symbol of innovation and inspiration in the ever-evolving world of electronic music.

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