8 Jay Lumen Tracks Everyone Should Hear

Nov 28, 2022

Carolina Quijano

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DJs often say that music has always been a part of their lives, and Jay Lumen is no different. Growing up, the Hungarian artist attended a music conservatory, playing the violin and learning music theory, which helped lay the foundation for his production career. Music piqued his interest and at the young age of nine, he knew his calling was to be a producer and DJ.

The founder of Footwork Records, Jay’s truly made his music known since bursting onto the scene in 2005. He clearly knows what he’s doing, as he was voted "Underground DJ of the Year" at the Ballantine Music Awards from 2013-2015 and his label is among the top 20 highest-selling on Beatport in 2022. He’s also racked up nine #1 tracks, 24 in the top 10, and countless in the top 20, making him the second best-selling techno artist on the industry-leading download store.

To keep himself and others interested in his music, Jay has also updated his sound quite a few times throughout his career.

“I'm always happy to change and switch up my sound a little bit. Because if something is not inspiring me anymore, I don't want to keep doing it,” he told Gray Area during our Spotlight interview. “I don't want to be in a scene that’s oversaturated, and getting more commercial because of there being too many acts… I never say never, so maybe I'll get back into house music or tech house music. I always change if I feel some new inspiration from any kind of genre.”

This explains why he’s switched from the progressive house and trance sound of his early years to dabbling in tech house and eventually techno, all with that special Jay Lumen sound. For those unfamiliar with Jay’s style, we’ve selected eight of his tracks that we feel every fan should know. Take a listen below and get to know this electronic music maestro.

1. “Mooovin”

First up, we have Jay’s track “Mooovin,” released all the way back in 2010 as part of the label 100% Pure’s 62nd release. This tech house dancefloor banger features vocals sprinkled throughout and a killer bassline and synths. It’s perfect for any main room.

2. “Shaker”

Another release on 100% Pure, Amsterdam’s longest running techno label, “Shaker” is a rolling tech house joint with perfectly placed vocals. Just like its name suggests, the track will have you shaking your booty.

3. “Dark Rooms”

Next up is “Dark Rooms,” a track that sees Jay truly brings the bass. Released on Octopus Recordings in 2016, this upbeat techno banger is signature Jay, complete with a rousing chorus whose vocal refrain repeats the phrase “in da house” to get you in the dancing mood.

4. “Dirty Groove”

Another big choon for Jay was “Dirty Groove,” one on which he collaborated with Spanish DJ and producer Wade. “Dirty Groove” is aptly named as it’s arguably grimier than other tech house. It’s a sinfully good song, the kind you’d hear in a dark warehouse or a packed club.

5. “Asteroid”

“Asteroid,” released on Jay’s own Footwork label, came barreling through the music scene with its driving techno rhythm. It’s fit for main stage festival soundsystems, incorporating acid house and 303 patterns as well as Jay’s trademark touches.

6. “Orion”

Continuing with cosmic themes, Jay released “Orion,” a Beatport top 10 hit, in 2022. This song takes you on a journey through space. “Orion” is a slightly darker techno tune than usual, but it still features one of the basslines we’ve come to expect from Jay.

7. “Human”

Jay returned with another peak-time techno hit in “Human.” Featuring thick basslines fused with spacey synths, “Human” is another song capable of annihilating dancefloors. Having released it on his own Footwork label, Jay really knows how to keep the floor quaking and your booty shaking.

8. “Terra”

“Terra” is a song whose futuristic techno sound is a little out-of-this-world. A little dirty and extra spacey, it strikes the ideal balance for dancefloors and big sound systems.

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