A Timeline of Jay Lumen’s Drumcode Releases

Nov 28, 2022

Staley Sharples

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Techno fans will immediately recognize Hungarian producer Jay Lumen. A familiar and much-loved artist in the scene, Lumen is known to have a longstanding relationship with Adam Beyer’s legendary label Drumcode. First releasing an EP with the label in 2011, Lumen has steadily contributed to the sound of Drumcode through his hammering, heady style that draws in crowds across the globe.

He made his Drumcode debut with Lotus, a collaboration with Glasgow techno producer Gary Beck. “The first [release] was my special collaboration EP with Gary Beck on Drumcode,” Lumen said during his Gray Area Spotlight interview. “It was very successful; the B side of the release was the best seller in five years of Drumcode. I was very happy with it. After this, [Adam Beyer and I] have been in contact for the past 10 years.”

Following the success of Lotus, Jay Lumen continued to create pumping tracks for the Swedish techno imprint with singles on four of the label’s annual A-Sides compilations.

Finally, in 2021, Lumen made his solo debut on Drumcode with the release of Returning, a two-track EP that showcases his energetic sound. A hit with listeners, Returning helped set the stage for what Lumen teases as “very special plans” with the label.

“It's top secret, but we are working on something special at Drumcode,” he said. “I cannot tell any other details yet!”

His next single with the label comes via Drumcode’s next A-Sides compilation, which spans a massive range of subgenres and features friends of the label. “It’s amazing to be onboard because I’ve worked with Drumcode for 10 years already,” he says. “I’m always happy to get requests from them.”

As Jay Lumen continues to plan for the future with Drumcode, he builds a legacy with one of the top techno labels in the world that inspires awe from his peers. His next releases will feature an evolved sound—but if the past years are an indication, its certain that he will have the support of Adam Beyer.

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