8 LOVRA Tracks Everyone Should Know

Nov 4, 2022

Carolina Quijano

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German sensation LOVRA has steadily made hit after hit since exploding onto the scene. She showed an interest in music from an early age, starting out by creating playlists for her friends.

“I started with a little cassette recorder, and I recorded things from the radio. I did my first mixtapes as a child, and then later, I did a lot of mixes for my friends on CDs,“ LOVRA shared with Gray Area during her Spotlight interview.

But it was one fateful night in Frankfurt that steered her into her current trajectory.

“I went to my first rave in Frankfurt in Germany. It was a really underground techno club, and I went alone,” she said. “That was really a crazy experience for me. I was like, wow, I really want that one day,” she said. “The first DJ I saw at this club was Boys Noize, but at that time he went by the name Kid Alex. You can still listen to his music as Kid Alex on Spotify. I was fascinated by how he was DJing.”

The rest, as they say, is history. Bitten by the DJing and producing bug, LOVRA set out to break through the proverbial boys club usually found in the music scene—and break through she has. LOVRA’s been playing all around the world and releasing new tracks all along the way. Seamlessly weaving ‘80s and ‘90s music into modern beats, she evokes nostalgia with every track. It’s no wonder she’s so in demand.

We’ve compiled eight of LOVRA’s tracks that we feel everyone should know, starting from her earliest releases to her more current music. This makes it easy to recognize her growth and progress as a producer as she segues from one genre to another.

1. Marvin Gaye - Let’s Get It On (LOVRA Remix)

This is the bootleg that started it all. LOVRA took this classic Marvin Gaye song and brought it into the future with a nu disco and electro pop feel… and it went viral! Everyone knows this song, but do they know it like this? It was the perfect intro to LOVRA; it showcased her talent and the fact that she has a good ear for production. The remix even caught the attention of Universal Music Group execs and LOVRA took off from there.

2. Love Sensation

Next is LOVRA’s debut solo single “Love Sensation.” It released on the German record label Emma, which is no longer active. “Love Sensation” was this track that caught the attention of multimedia giant Ministry of Sound. The club-turned-record label knew a good thing when they heard it. They signed LOVRA, and she began touring the world. “Love Sensation” samples Loleatta Holloway’s “Love Sensation,” and this remix pays homage to the sounds of house music past. It’s as timeless as the original, and its sustained popularity speaks to LOVRA’s longevity.

3. Right Back ft. Tess Leah

“Right Back” is LOVRA’s release featuring the beautiful diva vocals of Tess Leah. This is a bright, bouncy, house-driven track with a banging bassline that goes perfectly with Tess’ voice. An upbeat single, “Right Back” is much like her other songs in that it’s dancefloor ready and will have you shaking your booty.

4. Straight Lovin’

One thing I can say about LOVRA’s tracks is that they’re all energetic and full of love, and “Straight Lovin’” is no different. A deep house joint, it’s full of good vibes and funky beats. Plus, this song has just the right amount of nostalgia with its ‘90s-inspired feel. When people say that Drake and Beyonce are bringing back house music, they clearly have never heard of LOVRA or this track.

5. AVAION - Pieces (LOVRA Remix)

Back in 2020, LOVRA remixed AVAION’s track “Pieces.” She was able to elevate an already great song even higher, adding an epic drop that worked perfectly in tandem with the lyrics. Plenty of music fans must agree, as this track’s been streamed almost 11 million times on Spotify. It breathes summer and dance-ready vibes with its electro-pop verve and rolling basslines.

6. Lick It

This next song signals LOVRA’s venture into a more explicit realm. For “Lick It,” she samples the 2001 hit “My Neck, My Back” featuring Khia by Owe Jive. The sexually charged lyrics add a bit of a risqué factor to LOVRA’s funky house beat, but that just adds to the song’s appeal. It’s bassy and has some sick piano licks, with a beat that just ties it all together. “Lick It” marked LOVRA’s debut on Don Diablo’s label HEXAGON, and she came to play.

7. Spinnin’ ft. Justin Jesso

“Spinnin’” is another summery hit that’s got all the good vibes. The topline was delivered by Justin Jesso, whom she met while in Ibiza. Together they created an emotional song, with LOVRA adding UK house and electro elements that pair so well with the vocals. “Spinnin’” truly showcases LOVRA’s ear for production and instinctive ability to know what goes well with the lyrics at hand.

8. “Madonna”

The last track we’re showcasing is LOVRA’s 2022 Toolroom Records release, “Madonna.” Created with HUGEL, this song is a rousing tech house banger that pays tribute to the Queen of Pop herself: Madonna. The catchy lyrics and subtle touches of house and acid make this a slightly darker, techier track than her usual releases, but it is still a party anthem nonetheless.

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