8 Tracks Every EMBRZ Fan Should Know

Aug 30, 2022

Carolina Quijano

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Irish producer EMBRZ is a big proponent of emotional dance music — or EMO-DM — which should be pretty evident if you listen to any of his tracks. Jack Casey is behind the moniker. He made a splash when he first hit the scene with his emotive remixes, but his original productions are where you truly see his prodigious talent. His ear for melodies and vocals, in tandem with his attention to small, subtle details, is what really brings his tracks together.

EMBRZ’ discography has grown exponentially since his early days of remixing and early production, making it no surprise he’s surpassed 100 million streams. We’ve hand picked eight of his tunes that you didn’t know you needed to hear. Take a listen and familiarize yourself with the EMBRZ sound.

1. “Silent” ft. Amy Rose

Of course we had to start this list with EMBRZ’ first original track, “Silent,” which features Amy Rose on vocals. His first foray into both production and songwriting, EMBRZ wrote the lyrics and produced the song. Much like his most well-known remixes, Rose’s beautiful vocals are front and center, adding a serenity to the whole concept. EMBRZ keeps things soothing and chill, creating an ambient yet almost liquid sound laced with a piano and a deep bass line. It was the perfect debut to show the world what EMBRZ is all about.

2. “Home” ft. Eleni Drake

Next up is “Home,” featuring the divine vocals of Eleni Drake. In “Home,” EMBRZ weaves a melancholic keyboard and understated percussion with gentle guitar licks. The addition of synths creates a hauntingly beautiful melody, and the overall feel of the track screams nostalgia and reflection.

3. “Heartlines” ft. Meadowlark

“Heartlines,” which features the ethereal vocal of Meadowlark, is an upbeat song off of his debut EP, the critically acclaimed Progress. It’s arguably more poppy than his usual ventures, and EMBRZ combines his ubiquitous chill vibe with atmospheric melodies, creating the perfect song with which to escape reality. His fusion of electronic elements with acoustic instruments is the ideal accompaniment to the soulful track. Like most EMBRZ music, this song is full of emotional nostalgia and further showcases his musical evolution.

4. “Doubt House” ft. Frida Armundsen

“Doubt House” is another high-energy track, this time dabbling into future bass while showcasing Frida Armundsen’s vocals. EMBRZ brings the heavy beats and lulling melody, while once again flexing his songwriting skills. Armundsen’s captivating vocals elevate the beauty of this song while still honoring the relaxing vibe. With the evocative synth and mesmerizing lyrics, it’s easy to see why this is one of EMBRZ’ favorite songs he has produced.

5. “Close 2 U” ft. Harvie

“Close 2 U” has EMBRZ returning to the lovely, classic sound for which he’s known. Featuring the smooth vocals of Harvie, the song is EMBRZ as you know and love him, full of emotion and nostalgia. “Close 2 U” boasts a serene soundscape, just the right amount of pop flair, and a breathtaking atmosphere, making this an incredibly calming piece of music. You’ll find yourself listening to this track over and over again. It’s that good.

6. “She Won’t Let Me Down” ft. Leo Stannard

EMBRZ is known for putting messages in his music, and “She Won’t Let Me Down” is no different. Featuring accomplished singer-songwriter Leo Stannard, this song is profound and full of optimism. Straddling the line between bass and dance pop, EMBRZ shows his versatility as he keeps things very bright, never fully committing to one genre versus the other. Weaving Stannard’s mesmerizing vocals throughout really amps up the emotional side of the song and truly makes you believe what these two are proclaiming.

7. “Where you Are” ft. Lizzy Land

“Where You Are” is the first single off of EMBRZ’ EP Moments, released in 2021. Written during the height of lockdown and a period of isolation, the entire album is moody and reflective upon the current world. Lizzy Land’s melancholic voice echoes the loneliness that EMBRZ was feeling as he wrote this song and album — but through his careful songwriting, he breathed optimism and hope into it. Restrained and delicate, “Where You Are” is the ideal first single off his debut EP on Lane 8’s imprint, This Never Happened.

8. “All The Lights” ft. bailey

One of EMBRZ’ later releases had to make our list just to show you that this man never stops creating. “All The Lights” was released earlier this August and is just as flawless and soulful as all his other tracks. Another release on This Never Happened, this track features bailey on the vocals, and let me tell you, he really delivers the right amount of emotion. This is the perfect summer song. It’s very chill and brings a more progressive house vibe that’ll have you moving and grooving.

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