AYYBO Uses “Hypnosis” to Attract Pitbull

May 12, 2023

Carolina Quijano

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Since debuting in 2022, AYYBO has dominated the house scene, particularly the bass and tech variety. He has release after release, hit after hit, with much thanks given to his prolific social media presence on TikTok.

That heavy presence has ensured that Aaron Bonnema, aka AYYBO, is everywhere. And that’s his goal. His calculated music debuts and previews, and the video content he creates, aim to do just that- make him a global sensation.

Take his July 2022 release, “Hypnosis,” his collaboration with ero808. That song has had heavy airplay, garnering almost 10M streams on Spotify, and is used all over TikTok. It took over platforms and streaming services so much that it caught the ears of many across the world, including someone from Pitbull’s team, earning him a coveted remix from Mr. 305.

“One of Pitbull’s producers, Sermstyle, hit me up one day asking for the instrumental [to “Hypnosis”]. That same day, Pitbull really liked it and started to write a hook to it,” AYYBO told MP3 Mag during an interview in 2023.

Now, I don’t have to get into how big of a deal this is for AYYBO or any DJ. Pitbull is a GRAMMY award-winning musician and performer. He’s got an incredibly strong following, in life and on all his social media platforms, and in turn, has given AYYBO (and ero808) the kind of exposure of which people dream. Couple that with the fun, vibrant music videos accompanying both Pitbull’s “Right of Wrong (Hypnosis)” remix and AYYBO’s original, and you have a mega-hit on your hands.

AYYBO’s video, by the way, is precisely what you’d expect from him. It opens with himself and ero808 posing various questions, including: “What if we had people under actual hypnosis dancing [to our track]?” The answer is an epically creative audiovisual experience taping featuring an actual hypnotist working his magic over subjects who later dance their hearts out. Simple yet thoroughly engaging, which is peak AYYBO.

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