Bakke's Beat: Gray Area SoundCloud's Prelude to III Points

Oct 6, 2023

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Michela Iosipov

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In the realm of electronic music, certain artists have a magnetic pull, seamlessly connecting the past, present, and future of sound. One such luminary is Luis Baquero, known to many as Bakke. A Colombian artist now residing in the pulsating heart of NYC, Bakke has been enchanted by the art of DJing since the tender age of 15. It's not just a passion—it's a lifestyle.

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His early inclinations towards the synth-laden rhythms of the ‘80s and ‘90s golden eras are more than just influences; they're the foundational stones upon which he's built his sound empire. South Florida, with its progressive and electro scenes from the early ‘2000s, further fueled this fire, propelling him deeper into the realms of house and techno. Bakke's unique style, which fuses these nostalgic elements with innovative soundscapes of the future, positions him as a recognizable figure in the ever-evolving music landscape.

As III Points Festival makes its triumphant return this year, celebrating a decade of musical and artistic innovation, artists like Bakke highlight its rich legacy. On this, Bakke reflects, "To watch III Points blossom over the last decade into one of the most well rounded and delectable festival experiences in the US has been nothing short of incredible. The team outdo themselves year after year and I am honored to be part of the show 9 years & counting! One of the things I love most is the unwavering support of the insanely talented locals in Miami. Be sure to check Richie Hell, Troy Kurtz, & Jonny From Space for the local heat (to name a few) as well as Despacio for a real treat!"

Now, as Gray Area's SoundCloud series continues the ROAD TO III POINTS journey, it's exciting to see that Bakke will be playing the festival, showcasing its dedication to highlighting diverse talents. Being a trusted member of the LinkMiamiRebels collective and holding a residency at the US electronic music citadel, Club Space, Bakke's musical journey is one of dedication, innovation, and pure love for the craft.

Bakke is set to perform on the RC COLA stage, going back-to-back with Andres Line on Friday, October, 20th. Join us for Bakke's 60 minute mix, and gear up for a treat that promises to educate and enthrall, one record at a time.

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