Deeper Purpose on How to Make Memorable Dance Music

Nov 14, 2022

Jonah Flint

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For Deeper Purpose, coming up in the world of open format DJing is just one of many reasons why his productions stay fresh and unique. “I still listen to all types of music. I'm still very in touch with everything,” he said during Gray Area’s Spotlight interview. “Obviously, it's subjective, but I feel like you should never close yourself off in one genre completely. Even for production stuff, I draw so much influence from so much music. My earlier days definitely played a part in the way that I make music now.”

A self-proclaimed music lover, he encourages every producer to listen to all types of music. As his rapid rise has shown, the ability to borrow and sample from multiple genres is simply one of the best ways to stay on top of the game.

Deeper Purpose has worked hard to consistently create original music, and like many DJs, his first big breakthrough came on a classic night out, DJing for his Egg London residency where he had a chance meeting with Lee Foss. He sent Lee demos, which the legendary DJ rejected—although he advised him to continue producing and sending him music. The result was a collaboration with Intrusive called “Manipulation.” After road testing it, Lee Foss felt so compelled by it that he emailed Deeper Purpose in the middle of the night offering to sign it.

“I think that was the first stamp point where people said, ‘okay, this guy's got potential to be a serious artist,’” Deeper Purpose says. Making it in the DJ world can be as simple as networking. A high-quality product must come first, but so many discoveries are made through nights out. Deeper Purpose has made sure to make every single track count, and play every single set—whether he’s opening, closing, or headlining—like it was his last. This mentality has allowed him to create truly memorable music. Crafting original sounds, and focusing on making timeless music is ultimately what will help Deeper Purpose stay relevant for a long time.

“There's obviously a lot of sampling that has been going on at the moment, like R&B, and hip-hop stuff,” he says. “That's all fine, but it's not really me. I want to be the guy that especially nails my vocals, I want to be the guy that writes a vocal, which is so damn good that everyone else wants to sample it and remix it.”

We can’t get enough of the Deeper Purpose sound and look forward to what the young artist has in store next.

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