7 Must-Hear Tracks by Deeper Purpose

Nov 17, 2022

Carolina Quijano

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Highly sought after for his production capabilities, Deeper Purpose brings a distinctive style of tech house beats wherever he goes. He’s made his presence known in the music industry for the past 10 years, earning recognition from people like Lee Foss, John Summit, and Max Chapman for his modern take on a classic sound.

Deeper Purpose’s unforgettable style is laced with feelgood vibes and incredible energy, with simple touches that belie their intricacy. His range as an artist is evident through his use of minimalist techniques, hypnotic melodies, and just the right amount of lyricism. He’s shown himself to be a passionate and crafty producer.

We here at Gray Area have chosen seven Deeper Purpose tracks that showcase his driven intensity and tech house sound. If you haven’t yet heard what Deeper Purpose is all about, now’s your chance.

1. Grumble

Released in 2017, “Grumble” is a bass-heavy roller that’s full of Deeper Purpose’s signature tech house sound with a little added funk. His sampling of Timbaland’s verse from Aaliyah’s song “Are You That Somebody?” really lends an old school feel to this contemporary track.

2. Safari

Next up is “Safari,” a collaboration between Deeper Purpose and forward-thinking producer Intrusive. Released on Resonance Records, this tech house joint is a weapon of dancefloor destruction. An instant party, “Safari” has all the makings of an earworm with its catchy lyrics and sick beat. Don’t even get us started on the accompanying video, which features a variety of “animals” partying and running amok with a Ferrari as they prepare for a safari.

3. Manipulation

The next song we’re featuring is Deeper Purpose’s debut on Lee Foss’ label Repopulate Mars. “Manipulation” reunites him with Intrusive, and together they create something super spacey, all while using their own vocals. “Manipulation” has a very out-of-this-world feel and features robotic voices layered over a driving bassline. All of these elements culminate in a huge breakdown full of dancefloor goodness.

4. The System

Returning with another release on Repopulate Mars, Deeper Purpose worked once again with frequent collaborator Intrusive. Together, they created “The System,” an otherworldly tune full of synths and futuristic house beats. Continuing with their outer space theme from their previous release, “The System” takes you on a psychedelic journey into a whole other galaxy.

5. Elevate

Now we have Deeper Purpose’s “Elevate,” a track released on Catch & Release Records. In fact, he was only the third artist to release on this FISHER-run label. “Elevate” is a definite choon with quality buildups, thumping tech house sound design, and rolling synths. The prevalent percussion hits hard; it’s no wonder that FISHER himself used this song as his secret weapon in his sets.

6. Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good) (Deeper Purpose Remix)

Deeper Purpose was tasked with the honor of remixing Piero Pirupa’s version of the house classic “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)” by Rozalla. Pirupa’s version added some complimentary breakbeats to match Rozalla’s voice. Then Deeper Purpose came in and added his own signature production techniques to create a fresh take on an absolute classic banger. This remix was such a hit that it finished 2021 as the longest-running Beatport Tech House #1 of the year.

7. “Party Diva”

In fall 2022, Deeper Purpose released a single called “Party Diva” that marks the third solo signing for John Summit’s label, Off The Grid Records. This track is full of high energy and aggressive bass, all the while remaining playful. Featuring memorable lyrics and a banging beat, it’s no wonder that “Party Diva” is a party anthem.

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