From School Drives to House Vibes: ANATTA Caps it with House Hats

Aug 17, 2023

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Michela Iosipov

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In the rapidly evolving realm of minimal house, U.S.-based DJ, and producer ANATTA emerges as a distinctive voice. Since debuting in June 2020, ANATTA's career trajectory has been nothing short of moving. In just three years, he has produced over 60 tracks, including two No. 1 minimal/deep tech EPs: Step Up and Pax Animi EP.

The drive behind ANATTA's prolific output is evident. He recalls, "A lot of labels weren’t accepting demos unless you sent four or more at once," explaining the massive initial output. Now, with the freedom of his own imprint, ILLUSTRATE, he meticulously focuses on tracks that resonate deeply with him, emphasizing quality over quantity.

With ILLUSTRATE, ANATTA envisions a platform that encapsulates his eclectic house music palate, aiming to cultivate a community that shares his fervor for music production.

The upcoming "Tone Lock Tool" on House Hats Records showcases ANATTA's unique creative approach. The track draws inspiration from a song his father played during their school drives, offering a touch of nostalgia. Venturing into new territories, ANATTA employed a range of effects and plugin tricks, culminating in a spontaneous burst of creativity as the track took shape.

House Hats Records, the chosen conduit for this release, aligns perfectly with ANATTA's principle of collaboration. By connecting all genres of house with friends from around the world, the label's community-driven approach harmonizes seamlessly with ANATTA's innovative and rhythmic sound.

As the horizon unfolds, ANATTA's aspirations remain clear: bridging the gap between European and American House sounds. With an aim to resonate with diverse audiences and upcoming projects on the horizon, he's set for a vibrant journey ahead.

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