Giolì & Assia: A Creative Partnership that Continues to Unfold

Aug 11, 2022

Ulises Vargas

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Sicilian musical duo Giolì & Assia propelled themselves into headliner status with their YouTube streams and irresistible energy. Their relationship goes deeper than the music as they are a happily dating couple, however, this facet of their life provided some challenges in the beginning of their career. The relinquishment of those duties allowed them to play in spaces that were conducive to their style.

Dance music has always thrived in the LGBTQIA+ genre with its ingenuitive approach to expression. From the underground parties in New York to the industrial style of Berlin - Dance music culture became a lifestyle involving fashion, science, art, theater, and dance in a progressive environment.

Giolì & Assia's live show is unique because of the showcase of talent between handpan drums, live vocals, piano, guitar, and mixing. With their signature flare and passionate demeanor, Giolì & Assia spread love across the universe. Some locations they have performed at are the Aeolian Islands, Mykonos, Agrigento, Brooklyn, Ibiza, and Fagradalsfjall Volcano in Iceland.

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Giolì & Assia in Iceland

As far as eclectic electronic acts are concerned, it doesn’t get much more multifaceted and history-laden than the Italian femme powerhouse duo Giolì & Assia. Armed with an exciting combo of instrumental know-how and a layered, years-long romantic relationship, the European couple have dominated the electronic landscape over the last half decade. From the confines of the illustrious, pulsating Ibiza nightclubs to the desolate, hazardous grounds of an active volcano, Giolì & Assia have crafted a distinct sound that’s elevating dance music.

Like most 21st century love stories go, this one unraveled itself within the extensive labyrinths of cyberspace. Shortly after their fates collided over social media, the duo entered a manager/artist partnership where photographer and talent manager Assia represented Giolì, a budding DJ and producer. Over time, the two developed an emotional attachment to each other, a love that reveals itself through their artistry.

As electronic artists, Giolì & Assia are unmatched, having concocted a blend of genres that sit comfortably in their own unique wheelhouse. Although primarily situated within the house and techno lanes, the pair elevate their sound with influences of indie, pop, melodic, and ambient.

As individuals, they radiate as their raw talents are on full display. Giolì’s background in classical music — trained in piano, cello, drums, and the infamous handpan — has bolstered her abilities as a producer and is showcased during their live sets. Not one to be outdone, Assia holds down the fort with her haunting vocals and grip on the guitar.

Their versatility within those key musical styles has allowed the pair’s creativity to run wild. In order to retain control of their vision, they launched their own imprint, Diesis Records, in 2016. The following year, their fully realized project was born, emerging professionally for the first time as Giolì & Assia.

The first single to introduce the world to their airy yet multi-layered productions was “Stay Closer,” followed by “Paradise to Share,” “How Can I,” and the techno-driven “Endless.” These four cuts garnered the duo instant recognition, laying the foundation for their eventual debut album, Instantanee.

Instantanee provided a flurry of strong singles, but it was their release under the popular label Spinnin Records that would land them their first residency in Ibiza. That track was “Something Special” — literally and figuratively— and it allowed the girls to immerse themselves in the nightlife that lives in Spain’s legendary island. Their time spent on the shores of the fabled Balearic isle inspired the creation of their sophomore album, Night Experience.

Undoubtedly, Night Experience set the tone for the trajectory that Giolì & Assia have continued on to this day. It is a course that flows with melodic techno infused with pop elements and brooding tones. Follow up singles like “Blame on Me” and “Inside Your Head” are examples of the fruits this path has borne, both sitting among their top-played tracks.

In a full circle moment, Giolì & Assia returned to the internet In 2019 — where they first met — to demonstrate their outstanding talents to the world. As part of their #DiesisLive series, the pair began livestreaming full performances from some of the most scenic and unique places on earth. This allowed millions of viewers to consume the experience that is Giolì & Assia. An immersive affair with live instruments, vocals, and panoramic backdrops.

Post-pandemic, Giolì & Assia have continued their sonic exploration, releasing their EP, Moon Faces, in early 2021. The extended playlist generated popular tracks like “Rollercoaster” and “Lost” featuring Mahmut Orhan. Outside of the EP, Assia has taken to writing two records in Spanish: “Bebe” and “Quedate” featuring Brazilian drag queen superstar Pabllo Vittar.

The next chapter of Giolì & Assia will see the couple embark on their largest effort to date, Fire Hell & Holy Water. The sixteen-track album is set to be released in September 2022, and will tackle issues like pandemic loss and their power couple dynamic.

Innovative and expressive to their core, Giolì & Assia have carved out a unique path for themselves. The couple’s partnership is always front and center, both visually and sonically.

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