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Gioli & Assia are breathing new life into what it means to be an artist in dance music. Defying definition at every turn, this pair of Sicilian-born, polymathic creators demonstrate what happens when someone gives their entire self to the music.

Beyond the fact that Giolì is a master instrumentalist who plays the piano, cello, drums, and guitar both in the studio and on stage during their performances, she has carved an utterly unique sound for the project via another instrument called the handpan. This metallic drum, which Giolì plays with her hands, provides bespoke and ghostly overtones to the beautiful melodies and enthralling beats they create as a duo. Its presence matches the sonic quality of Assia’s vocals on hit songs like “Inside Your Head” and the crystal melodics she delivers in untamed landscapes like the summit of a volcano and a glacier lagoon in Iceland for their viral Diesis Live videos (which they both direct and edit as well).

In truth, Gioli & Assia demonstrate something that goes further than the dedication of oneself to their craft. Their romantic bond personifies the result of two people giving their entire joint connection to music. A connection as dualistic as it is reciprocal, a quality that lends itself to the title of their third studio album, Fire Hell and Holy Water.

Released in September of 2022, Gioli & Assia have been touring the album globally, hitting festivals like ARC, CRSSD, Portola, and Electric Forest and headlining solo shows at Brooklyn Steel in New York and the Novo in Los Angeles.

In 2023, they will touch down in Europe and North America through the spring, with surely more to come. It’s clear that the worldwide dance music community is hungry for artists who push boundaries and elevate the culture. Gioli & Assia have never done anything but.


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